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  1. vzwsec

    vzwsec New Member

    Been testing out the Droid and found a software quirk with the contacts software that I wanted to see if anyone knew how to fix. On the Droid (haven't seen the option on the Eris), there is an option to "Join" 2 contacts info in order to organize your different contact lists since you can import Gmail, Facebook, and Exchange lists all together. When you press the button to join contacts however, the functionseems to do whatever it feels like. Sometimes you will have no ability to join anyone, other times you can choose any contact in the entire phone to join, and sometimes there is only a list of 2 or 3 people you can join the contact with. There seems to be no correlation I can see as to what allows one option versus the other. Anyone have any ideas?

  2. knickerbocker

    knickerbocker Well-Known Member

    Considering that no of us have one, it is hard for us to answer.
  3. Scottyent

    Scottyent Well-Known Member

    :p hahah very good point, I guess he's aiming it at the very privileged few who have managed to get their hands on one...?

    so I can't help :(
  4. MrM

    MrM New Member

    I am also having this same issue. Very frustrating!
  5. vzwsec

    vzwsec New Member

    Its being researched as we speak by Motorola engineers. If I hear anything back from them I will let you know.
  6. yamaha83

    yamaha83 Member

    you can join and edit all your contacts within Gmail and once they are editied they will auto update on you phone...
  7. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    I haven't got a droid :( But hopefully this should help! :D

    Go to -> Sign in using the same Google account as on the phone -> {You should now see your list of Contacts} -> Tick the 2 or more you want Merged -> On the right you should see "Merge these 2 contacts" -> Click it -> change name of contact if you want to -> Click save

    This should now sync with your phone and you'll see the contacts have been successfully merged and updated on your Handset

    Carl C :)
  8. MrM

    MrM New Member

    I will try this! The issue I'm having specifically is after I sync with my Facebook. I have found that if you give both entries the same exact name, it merges the two together. It takes a little longer, but still gets the job done.
  9. justchilln

    justchilln Active Member

    Thanks that worked great for me, now if there was a way to import all my facebook contacts into gmail...
  10. navyasw02

    navyasw02 Member

    Same problem here, but if it acts up on a contact, I just edit the name fields to match exactly the one I'm trying to merge with and it will join the two automatically.
  11. b3nder

    b3nder Active Member

    im having this same exact issue .. the problem lines where a user may not have the same facebook name as what their actual name is (for privacy concerns)..
    the merge seems very sporadic with some people being able to merge just fine with any name i want, others not coming up with any options.. ive tried just about everything.. :confused::confused: any updates from motorola on this issue would be great!
  12. NoVaDroid

    NoVaDroid Member

    I don't want it too. I have two contacts with similar names in Gmail. They share the same address and home telephone numbers even. But they have different mobile numbers and email addys. They remain separated in Gmail but when they get pushed to Droid, they are merged. Grrrr, and I can't modify it in the phone.

  13. b3nder

    b3nder Active Member

    I think the contact merge/unmerge just needs an update.... seems like it is having some issues unless they are the same name - or unmerging two people with the same name.... glad to know I'm not the only one with issues.
  14. NoVaDroid

    NoVaDroid Member

    We can hope a solution is on the way. Verizon tech support advised me it is a known issue to Motorola. When or how that gets fixed...TBD.
  15. NoVaDroid

    NoVaDroid Member

    Please don't take this as an attempt to hijack this thread. I think this is in the same spirit since it relates to contacts. Earlier in the thread, I've described a problem I saw with Gmail contacts auto-merging when pushed to Droid. I thought I could not fix this in the phone. I am happy to report I have figured it out.

    In Contacts>Select the contact>Press Menu>Select Edit Contact>Press Menu Again>Select Separate>Confirm your selection>You are done!!

    The contacts are now back to their originally separated format like in my Gmail Contacts online. I am now in total love with my Droid again!:D
  16. b3nder

    b3nder Active Member

    good news you can seperate .. now if only their 'joining' was working properly. :mad:
  17. nolig

    nolig New Member

    Hi, I am also having the same issue... The thing of it is, it is so sporadic that you do not know whether it will join or not... Can't wait for the update
  18. MissaLisa

    MissaLisa New Member

    My father and my brother have the same name. I had them in my cell phone as "Dad" and "Brother", But in Gmail and facebook they had different names. I tried to join Dad with his facebook page, but it somehow grabbed my brother too. It attached two facebook accounts and two phone numbers and two e-mail addresses to one contact.

    Very frustrating.

    Almost everyone in my Moto Droid phone book have 2 or 3 entries.

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