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joint testing with rooted Aria users

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  1. RustyDroid

    RustyDroid Member

    Hey rooted Aria users,

    Probably the only reason I'm considering rooting my device is to enable HSUPA (higher upload rates). The Qualcomm chipset used in Aria supports it, but ATT has switched it off in the build.prop or maybe somewhere esle. Wondering if somebody could test it out to see if it's not something deeper in RF image that's blocking it. I'm not specific now, but we surely can discuss all the details if interested. The only change needed is to edit the properties file in a text editor and test the upload speed.

    Thanks for reading, curious types.

  2. anika200

    anika200 Well-Known Member

    What speeds are you expecting? I flashed the cm6 rom onto my aria and now have an H in my status bar where there was previously only a G when data is on. Someone else commented that it means I am using 3.5G speeds. Leave instructions here or pm me I will test it out for you.
  3. RustyDroid

    RustyDroid Member

    Oh cool then. Thanks, anika200.

    In Aria's stock ROM the file's name/location is


    It should have a similar name in CM6 I'd assume.

    Aria's current enries:


    Aria's desired entries:


    These are the minimum I'd try. There are other suggestions out there, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to suggest them. Also, I've read that CM ROMs may already have both HSUPA and HSDPA enabled. So the test maybe actually to reverse the steps above. Again my main interest is to confirm that HSUPA is blocked at the Android OS level and not somewhere deeper. Entries like the ones below scare me as I don't understand them.

    ro.ril.htcmaskw1.bitmask = 4294967295
    ro.ril.htcmaskw1 = 14449

    For speed tests I use the FCC Mobile Broadband by Ookla. Depending on the RF conditions during the test I'd expect to see upload speeds close to 1Mb. If you're maxing out close to the current limit of 384kbs for most devices (e.g. iPhone4 is an official HSUPA device) than no HSUPA channels are used.

    Waiting for your results.
  4. anika200

    anika200 Well-Known Member

    here is the build.prop settings from this rom



    There are no mask settings anywhere.

    Looks pretty standard, eh?

    I still have no idea how to benchmark or confirm any speeds even if I did change the settings. Would the phone boot with wrong settings but the radio would not work? If so I can change the settings and see what happens.
  5. RustyDroid

    RustyDroid Member

    the key entry is


    The "x" helps to reference both hsUpa and hsDpa: U - uplink, D- downlink. If this entry set to 1, as in your file, you DON'T have hsUpa enabled. You need to set it to "2" as I showed in my previous post.



    The baseband chipset from Qualcomm does support category 6. So, you'd want to change it also.

    I don't have any experience with rooted devices yet. If it doesn't boot with the new settings ... I'd assume there's an option to boot in a mode that'd still allow you changing init files with adb daemon running. If you're not comfortable with this prospect :) ... I'd totally understand. No problems at all.

    Speed test is very easy. Whatever app you use, see what you get for uploads. The tipping point is 384kbps (with overhead). If you see higher that's it - you're in the High-Speed Uplink Data Access world ;).
  6. anika200

    anika200 Well-Known Member

    well I did 6 runs on the normal settings and came up with this average.
    1695 kbps download
    149 kbps upload

    I am using the speedtest.net app from the market. A quick nandroid and some push/pull and I will run with the new settings.

    Bah, having trouble changing the file. Will get back to it later.
    Rant ahead. I swear root explorer is a piece of junk. It says its mounted in rw and it says that it made the changes and it says that it saved a back up of build.prop to build.prop.bak. Are any of these things true, nooooo.
  7. markj

    markj Active Member

    No idea what you two are really talking about lol. But I'm also running a rooted Aria on CyanogenMod 6.
  8. RustyDroid

    RustyDroid Member

    Hey there,

    Any updates? I'm sure you'll figure out how to work around this minor issue. adb utility should be pretty reliable. Did you try?
  9. anika200

    anika200 Well-Known Member

    Got the file over no problems today. Have no idea what was going on last time. Anyway, drum roll please.

    632 kbps download
    93 kbps upload

    Talk about anti-climatic. What is up with those speeds? I will be changing back to the defaults.

    I just put the settings back and ran 3 more tests and got this average.

    2531 kbps download
    879 kbps upload

    Cool. I does seem this test can vary depending on the day of the week. This makes sense I guess since it is a shared network.
  10. RustyDroid

    RustyDroid Member

    Thanks for the update! Before change the file settings back, could you, please, share it? The whole file if it's not that sensitive :)? Speeds are low, agree. I'd try one more thing - get to a max bars place. I.e. the best RF quality spot. NW controls speed based on many factors, RF signal quality is one of the key factors.

    Thanks a lot for trying it out. Appreciate it!
  11. anika200

    anika200 Well-Known Member

    Here ya go. I have full bars at my place at all times. Tower is only a short distance off, in the winter I can actually see it. I did average out 3 tests for each one from the same spot here at the kitchen table.

  12. anika200

    anika200 Well-Known Member

    So RustyD what up? Where did you get those settings and have you decided on an outcome for your experiment. Firmware issue?

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