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  1. rm3482

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    I have searched all over the web for an answer to this problem and I can't find one anywhere. I love the app Jorte and use it every day for a calendar and also daily reminders for different things. But since upgrading to the ICS Mecha I can no longer receive reminders when the time come to pass. I no longer receive notification reminders or alarm reminders from Jorte for events that are scheduled. Also when the calendar tries to sync**with google it says "unfortunately google has stopped at this time". Any time a new event is added or if the app is opened this error message is received. Going into settings, account, and google and manually syncing also provides this issue. But the most difficult thing to cope with is the non existent reminders. Someone please help!!

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  2. rm3482

    rm3482 Member

    Any one else?? This issue is driving me crazy!

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