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Juice Defender and WiFi question....Support

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  1. pac0naut

    pac0naut Well-Known Member

    Ok, so I broke down and got Juice Defender last night. Not seeing a noticeable difference really. Did a bump recharge yesterday on the battery. Are there any setting I should know about that I'm just not finding or seeing?

    Also, when I had a Samsung Jack, WiFi used to destroy my battery life. Can I expect the same with the Captivate, or is it better to have it turned on and connected?

  2. pac0naut

    pac0naut Well-Known Member

  3. kingrye

    kingrye Member

    Hi there, i use Juicedefender as well and it seems to do well conserving battery(and data).

    Here is basically how i have mine:
    Always give wifi a chance to connect over 3g
    When locked, disable wifi and 3g(i think this is the big saver)
    Turn on wifi/3g every 15 or 30 mins for 1 min to "sync"
    Completely have all data off between 12am and 6am

    This essentially allows normal usage when unlocked and then just periodic checks when locked.
  4. chicknlil

    chicknlil Well-Known Member

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