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  1. jhauglid23

    jhauglid23 New Member

    So here is the thing. I have juice defender for my Kyocera Echo, I even got the ultimate juice defender because I don't want my phone wasting it's battery unless I say so. Otherwise my battery doesn't last all that long.

    I had to reset my phone, so I got juice defender all over again. Before it was working just fine. But now! Even when I have my phone unlocked it gives me the blue dot and I don't want it using any connectivity unless I pull down the tab and click for it to use it.

    So here are the settings I've got, hopefully someone can help!

    profile is on AGGRESSIVE

    Battery Threshold 15%

    Configure Apps: Facebook(enable) GPS Navigator(enable)

    Notification: enabled

    That's all I've got selected.



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