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  1. Spartanzz

    Spartanzz Well-Known Member

    I paid for juice defender for my 4g and it helped battery life alot is anyone else using it on the 3d? If so how is your experience with it?

  2. probinson

    probinson Well-Known Member

    Works great for me. When my screen is dark, all my radios are off and I use very little power.
  3. toddpedersen

    toddpedersen Well-Known Member

    So do you manually sync your email accounts etc?

  4. Brian360

    Brian360 Well-Known Member

    I do, just hit gmail and refresh every so often. Not that big of a deal.
  5. Emblazon

    Emblazon Well-Known Member

    Now, if the JD Ultimate could add exceptions, so that Gmail push is always on, then I would be all over it. As it stands now, I'm pretty good at switching my radios on and off, so all JD does for me is add a useless icon in the Notification bar, and drain my battery.
  6. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

    I'm on my phone too much for this to help me. It does wonders for my wifes EVO 4G though.
  7. Mauddib

    Mauddib Well-Known Member

    I use Juice Defender and use Gmail push and I still get my emails. I have no change in notifications since using it but a decrease in battery usage. Not really sure how gmail still works to tell you the truth but I no that the radio is turned off because when I unlock it i see it reconnect.
  8. NCHornet

    NCHornet Well-Known Member

    I use it, just the basic FREE version, I used it on my Hero and it helped a lot. Not as much on the 3D but any help is better than none at all. All of my emails are POP accounts and they still come through just fine.
  9. kennedyj

    kennedyj Member

    So if I understand it correctly, JD turns off the radios while the phone is off, activating them periodically (every 5, 15, 30 mins etc) to pick up new data. Does all this turning on and off take a toll on the battery? I know people say constantly closing and opening apps can drain battery, so how is this different?
  10. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Task killers that close a system app that immediately reopens itself, which causes the task killer to kill it again it's next cycle, will drain battery.

    Shutting off the radios for 15 minutes and then turning them back on will save. But turning on and off radios with no more than 5 minutes in between will probably cause more power draw than just leaving the radio on. But I have no actual numbers to support this. Just a rule of thumb that I follow.
  11. kennedyj

    kennedyj Member

    I believe the JD Free version which I'm using is set automatically to update at fifteen minute intervals (actually looks like every 14 according to the log). Is there a way to change this in the free version or would I have to move to JD Plus? Do you think there is any battery saving advantage to moving the update to every 30 min?
  12. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    I haven't used JD in over a year. I don't remember it doing too much for my DX. But the paid version will have more flexibility, I'm just not sure. Load up the free version's page in the market, it'll probably list what is in the paid version that the free version cannot do. As for making it 30 minutes between activity, yes, it will save power. Any noticeable amount of power? Probably not. But, again, I have no numbers to support this.

    It's always a balance between access/information updates and battery power. If you don't care that you don't get updates outside of 30 minute intervals, that may work for you. I got a smartphone so it can get push emails and IMs, so I have to pay with that with more power from the battery. But I'm usually in wifi range, so it isn't bad.

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