JuiceDefender and airplane mode?Support

  1. lucas1317

    lucas1317 Member

    Ok, so I decided to install JuiceDefender and lately my phone's been switching to airplane mode all by itself. I have to utick it manually, but it just keeps resetting itself. I'm wondering: is it JuiceDefender or is my phone completly schizophrenic:confused:?

  2. Albie

    Albie New Member

    Hey Lucas!
    What phone do you have and what version of JuiceDefender did you install?
    Sounds quite weird to me.
  3. lucas1317

    lucas1317 Member

    I've got a SGS I9000B (Brazil version) and I installed the last version from the market... the non beta one. It appears to work fine no tho... (?)

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