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  1. I noticed in two different phones(with two different chargers), that when charging using the enclosed charger, the touchscreen sensitivity gets all jumpy. You can try to recreate this by swiping down the notification bar halfway and holding it there. You'll notice the bar moving up and down. This problem also causes a lot of mistyped words when using Swype.

    If I disconnect the phone, or switch to my LG charger, the issue goes away.

  2. meta6

    meta6 Member

    It's the higher voltage usb chargers cause this problem with my reverb too.
    I only had this problem with one wall charger which put out 5.3volts
    instead of the 5.1 standard usb output even 5.2 volts doesn't cause this.

    it could be overvolting your phone & could be a bad wall charger because
    OEM wall chargers don't usually cause this problem with smartphones.

    The 5.3volt cheapy usb adapter I have is
    a knockoff HK Iphone micro wall adapter
    & is marked as 5.0volt 1amp.
  3. madmikess

    madmikess Well-Known Member

    I haven't noticed this with my Reverb but I do have the same issue with my NookColor tablet and that's been that way since I got it 2 years ago, a known issue.

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