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  1. kenn

    kenn Well-Known Member

    Wow, this board is dead.

    There is a Jun 22 "leak" that is supposedly from an insider at HTC. Not much info except for the key thing about the processor.

    It is said that this phone will be dual core rather than single, is a "World Phone", and has the qHD screen.

    Rumor Mill: More info on the HTC Kingdom

    If this turns out to be a 4.0" screen as stated in so many places, dual core, and is qHD, this will be my next phone to replace my Evo 4G rather than the 3D.

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  2. gonk24

    gonk24 Active Member

    I thought there was a chance at the Kingdom being given a dual core cpu. I know it's only rumor but it brings up my interest level quite a bit. Now if only we can get a release window.

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