Jury foreman was indirectly sued by Samsung

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  1. kevincott

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  2. rockdoctor1

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    Sure i would love to see the trial verdict thrown out but to suggest the foreman push the jury to go after Samsung because they were a shareholder in the company that sued him...seems like a stretch to me. The real problem is, the Patient offices issues patients for ideas, concepts, objects that should not be parented. You can get a patient for an idea and can write it in a way that would also cover all remotely related similar concepts. IMHO this verdict was a failure of the patient office. My HP laptop lets you pinch to zoom on the touch pad. Technically that would also be a violation based on Apples position.... What i want to know is, if the jury foreman or any of his family members own apple stock or have anything to do with Apple? Does he have a vested interest in seeing Apple win? Thank you for posting the link.
  3. kevincott

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    Being sued by a Samsung company presents a definate bias, a bias that any Samsung trial lawyer would have used for disqualification during selection.

    That same foreman has repeatedly said in the media that many jury members were not convinced of Samsungs guilt but deferred to the foreman as having a better understanding.
  4. AntimonyER

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    When you take his interview content, with his admittedly influencial position in the jury room, his error filled understanding of patent law, and now this, it seems to me there is enough evidence to get a new trial. Of course, Samsung better be careful, it could end up even worse.

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