Just a heads up. Amazon's got this phone for free with contractGeneral

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  1. simpat1zq

    simpat1zq Active Member

    Here's the link. This is likely the best phone on Verizon that you can get for free with contract. At least according to the specs.

  2. dcorn

    dcorn Well-Known Member

    GF got it for $80 with a mail in rebate of $50, so $30. Not bad for a quick stop in the store.
  3. t35rk

    t35rk Well-Known Member

    Amazon has the Lucid back in stock! It can be delivered before Verizon begins their $30 upgrade fee.
  4. blumeany

    blumeany Well-Known Member

    Wow. Didn't know about that fee until you mentioned it. Glad I got in ahead of it. :D My phone should be delivered today.
  5. t35rk

    t35rk Well-Known Member

    Mine shows up tomorrow. I expect good things. The Rezound, even at $50 didn't impress me more than this solid, little device. The call quality and signal have gotten mixed reviews. I'm crossing my fingers for them. And that's about it. Everything else should be "what you see is what you get". Good luck.

    Also my shipment info says its coming with a car charger as a gift.
  6. Hercules

    Hercules Well-Known Member

    My father bought the Rezound the same time my wife and I upgraded. I have compared the Rezound and Lucid quite extensively at his house and I would choose the Lucid time and time again. It just feels better. I don't know how else to explain it. The beats audio on the Rezound is nice but the Lucid just feels like a more complete package.
  7. t35rk

    t35rk Well-Known Member

    The Rezound while heavy and fat, has a smaller battery then the Lucid. Coming from a great original Incredible and a loved rooted Eris before that, I wanted to like the Rezound. My wife has one and with its size and a dull hd screen and poor battery, I'm rarely impressed with it. I won't be too happy with the Lucid though, or she might want to trade.
  8. Hercules

    Hercules Well-Known Member

    That is funny. Your android history is almost the same as mine. Rooted Eris, Moto Droid, HTC Incredible, and now the Lucid. I was convinced I would buy the Rezound when it came out but it didn't excite me.
  9. t35rk

    t35rk Well-Known Member

    Uh huh. MOTO Droid 1st for me, then the rooted Eris (which I preferred greatly to the MOTO).

    I was waiting for the Dinc3 before deciding, but after seeing the leaked pics and the qhd screen I ran away from it, even with stock ICS and Sense 4.0. I had my eyes on the LG Spectrum for awhile, and It's good performance (to me) gave me confidence in this Lucid. We may never see root or ICS (it is LG we're talking about here), but after liking the Dinc1 so much, I'm confident this 4" LTE device, with a nice screen that does really good in direct light, will fit the bill for two years.
  10. t35rk

    t35rk Well-Known Member

    It has begun...

    The Lucid arrived today. It was on the charger when my wife (Rezound owner) came home. Right away our 4 year old turned it on to show her the progress of the charge (she was anxious to play games on it), when my wife says to her, "Aww, daddy has a NICE power button".

    Now I have said next to nothing about the Lucid to my wife. I fear I may be losing it already.
  11. LickeyMong

    LickeyMong Well-Known Member

    I got my lucid form tiger direct for free it came in the mail the next day with an activated sim:rolleyes:

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