Just bought a rooted Dinc...few questions

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  1. jjfreak5

    jjfreak5 Active Member

    I just bought a rooted Dinc and I have a few questions. I am coming from a rooted Droid 1 so I know a bit about rooting, but not on this phone. So while in hboot I see at the top and it tells me what version of hboot I got, and what radio and what not, and since it says INCREDIBLE XC SHIP S-OFF that means it also has S-OFF right?

    Another question is is it possible to brick by just trying to flash a rom through clockwork recovery? Coming from the Droid 1 I don't think it should be, but who knows.

    If one of the ROMS I want to install says it requires hboot .92 how do I go about changing my hboot because this one says it is version 0.79.

    Thanks a lot for any help!!

  2. dscribe

    dscribe Well-Known Member

    re: S-OFF, Yes.
    re: bricking...I will not say it is impossible to brick that way but generally speaking, if your phone comes on and at least boots into Hboot, you can fix whatever goes wrong. I can see scenarios where the phone might boot up to some degree but still be physically malfunctioning but if that does happen it normally doesn't have anything to do with flashing roms.

    Here is a link to the radio firmware: .92 Radio

    You put the PB31IMG.zip file on the root of your sdcard. Boot into Hboot, it should ask if you want to install the file...make the "yes" response.

    Important: Make sure you have a custom recovery backup because you will need to do a nandroid restore after installing this because it overwrites part of the boot portion of your rom. Until you do the restore, you will only be able to boot into Hboot.
  3. jjfreak5

    jjfreak5 Active Member

    Thanks for your help.

    I do have one more question. What does the little bullseye type symbol next to the 3g in the notifications bar mean?
  4. dscribe

    dscribe Well-Known Member

    It is the locations symbol showing that settings are turned on to keep up with your current location. This is used by a number of apps. You can set this in menu > settings > location.

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