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Just bought Avail. What now?Support

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  1. Gregorso

    Gregorso Member

    I just purchased an Avail and intend to use it only for WiFi at home and work.(No data plan wanted/needed. I can do phone calls with GoogleVoice.)
    Do I need to put in the SIM and "activate" the phone even to just use WiFi?

    If I ever do want to pay for service, it will be with T-Mobile, so I don't want to activate the SIM through AT&T. Will I be able to use T-Mobile service using the SIM that came with my Avail?

  2. Motorhead1991

    Motorhead1991 Well-Known Member

    Question 1: the phone should work fine usimf only wifi. I originally intended on doing the same but couldn't get around the data requirement (it's a long story...).

    Questoion 2: I can't help here because i don't know enough about this particular phone or the android os in general.

    Posted using my ZTE Avail.
  3. Gregorso

    Gregorso Member

    So, is this possible? :

    Phone has never been used. I take it out of package, insert battery and charge the battery.
    I insert AT&T SIM that it came with.
    I call T-Mobile and have them activate the AT&T SIM as a T-Mobile SIM.

    Since the phone has never been used, is it still necessary to unlock it?
  4. dougggg

    dougggg Member

    You will have to get a Tmobile sim card probably, but it should work with the avail except 3g I believe is different on tmobile, but if you just use wifi that wont matter

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