Just curious if anyone has watched this video?

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    Feel free to give a counter view point.

    America: Freedom to Fascism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Scott Moore, movie critic of the Portland Mercury, writes: "There are a lot of stupid people in this world, and some of those stupid people are going to see America: From Freedom to Fascism and buy into its half-baked, hole-ridden, libertarian rhetoric about the alleged illegality of the federal income tax. And that's a shame, if for no other reason than it'll be a small defeat for logic. [ . . . ] By presenting half-baked ideas with the faux certainty that comes through sheer repetition and bending historical facts to fit his agenda, Russo manages to portray the legality of the income tax as something actually worthy of debate. Thing is, it's only up for debate among anti-tax conspiracy theorists who have anarchist, anti-social tendencies.
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    Best argument I can make for income tax being legal is that if you don't pay you end up in jail. So what if you are technically correct at that point. You are in jail.
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    No counter point, I just asked if anyone had seen it. It brings up some good points and makes a guy think about what's right and what is wrong.
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    The Sixteenth Amendment changed the Constitution to allow an income tax.

    Interesting that Wikipedia says that Jesus was the first anarchist.
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    I enjoyed 'loose change' whose primary source was wikipedia.
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    I still haven't seen a good explanation of how Building 7 came down.
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    Took damage from falling debris from WTC1 and WTC2 coupled with a raging building fire.
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    AE911Truth Experts Speak Out - YouTube

    I believe the discussion in this video over your explanation. 3 steel frame structure collapsed in one day (due to fire) and this had never happened before. It's a good video and I recommend it.
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    There is a flaw in that statement. None of the buildings collapsed solely because of fire. If they did, your theory may have credence. None of them did though. They collapsed through a combination of fire and severe structural damage. WTC1 and WTC2 had severe damage from the planes to begin with. WTC7 had severe structural damage from falling girders from WTC1 and WTC2.

    But lay all of that aside. The controlled demolition theory has one major gigantic flaw in it. If you watch how the building collapsed, it collapsed from the top down. The outstructures at the top of the building fell into the building first. This is not how a controlled demolition is done. In fact, it's the opposite. Check out any controlled demolition vids on Youtube. The bottom floors always fall first.
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    Bull! WTC 7 collapsed from the middle, pulling the rest of the building down. My concerns are about WTC 7.

    Watch the full video, and then answer the question about what the explosions were? Several were caught on video and several Police, Firefighters and civilians reported them. WTC 7 had several security agencies housed there with all kinds of sensitive documents stored there.

    All I'm saying is there seems to be more here than we have been told, that's all.
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    The fact that it collapsed from the middle proves it wasn't a controlled demolition. You don't do a controlled demolition by collapsing the core of the building. You collapse the bottom floors.
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    I prefer links that work in Tapatalk so...


    The old digital camera footage has the proper sound of the lockstep explosions of a controlled demolition but the video only shows two and the first one is too high in the building.

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