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  1. falkon114

    falkon114 Member

    I spent an hour and a half or so in the Verizon store, and ended up coming home with a Samsung Continuum. I'm really wondering, though, if I should take it back and wait for the hyped up Thunderbolt.
    Few questions, being a new smartphone/xG user, I'm curious as to whether i should spring for the 4G (features VS 3G?) Thunderbolt, or stay with my purchase on the continuum. So far, I LOVE this phone.
    I suppose the main argument that i've heard for the 4G network is that you can multitask with data utilities? I.E. being on the phone while looking up something on the internet (You can't do that on 3G?)

    beyond that, the only con I have found on this phone is that the touch sensors by the "ticker" don't work at all when I have an accessory case installed (Which i'd REALLY like to have, considering my track-record with phone upkeep), but the ticker is a huge selling point for me.

    Your thoughts? Should I stay or should I go?

  2. I think the thunderbolt is just hype, but that is just me.. And the price tag for 4g and the phone itself if a turn off...

    But, my honest opinion is... Trade in the phone for the samsung fascinate :p unless you really love the ticker (which i do), then stick with this phone :)
  3. Colchicine

    Colchicine Well-Known Member

    My coworker just got this phone and I am impressed with the ticker function.

    My biggest complaint about the phone (and ANY of the Samsung Galaxy S phones on VZW) is the use of Bing for the search and maps. But the BIGGEST is that the phone is still stuck on 2.1!! There are some huge advantages to have 2.2, but there appears to be no imminent upgrade.

    4G- using data and voice is not nearly as useful as AT&T would like you think. I've never had a need for it, personally. Also, expect to be paying MORE for 4G than the $30 you pay for the Continuum.
  4. falkon114

    falkon114 Member

    What are the differences between 2.1 and 2.2?
    Any idea why they haven't released it on the Continuum (and Fascinate, so I've read?), and do you think they will?
  5. falkon114

    falkon114 Member

    Why trade in? I read a couple reviews of the devices back to back, and so far seems like most reviewers prefer the Continuum over the fascinate. Sometimes signal isn't as strong, pictures are hazier, a few other differences.
  6. dfgged

    dfgged Well-Known Member

    Imo, samsung fixed most, if not all the problems that the fascinate has, in the continuum. The only reason I'd think blazer would recommend that, is because we have such a small community, but that's just me.
  7. You are right dfgged.. Our community is puny... Not a lot above of stock has occurred, and probably will occur anytime soon...
  8. samsunguser

    samsunguser New Member

    i have problems opening attachments with the continuum. it may just be me, but it appears as though i have to "save" in order for the attachment to open. i don't know where it is saving to on my phone or how to retrieve it if i want to later.

    other questions i have are on the ticker, the voice mail icon as well as the IM icon do not light up and show that i have messages. is there some setting that i need to change on my phone for those to work? I went back to the store and they couldn't help me either??
  9. Skootermarx

    Skootermarx New Member

    I left the VZW a short time ago, so unless something new has occurred this is as inside as you might discover: Samsung released 2.2 Froyo back in the fall (November?) 2010. You can visit the Samsung website and get the full story. But VZW has held 2.2 up without an explanation to the great unwashed for the Fascinate and the Continuum -- maybe other new Android OS releases, too. There was a small maintenance release recently but mums the word from VZW as to why and when 2.2 for these Samsung smartphones. Here is another curveball: The Samsung Tab through VZW comes with 2.2 installed.
  10. txwolf1980

    txwolf1980 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't worry about getting a 4g phone for a while. Its not gonna be fully deployed til 2013. As for the issue with the vmail and email icons not lighting up, that seems to be a common problem. For some reason the sales people at the store can't seem to set it up correctly. I had to reset my phone and do it myself. Its not a hard process. You'll have to reload any apps. From market, but hats fine market stores them, and you wont have to pay again.
  11. alfadog67

    alfadog67 Member

    I've had the continuum for 6 months - There's a couple of things I don't care for:
    1) Battery life - I got the extended battery and it's fine though.
    2) VPN is broked in 2.1. Not just Continuum, either. I spent an hour on the phone with Samsung to confirm this.
    3) 2.1 doesn't support Flash natively. There are "workarounds", none of which I can make work on my rooted Continuum.
    4) The ticker screen is supposed to save battery life, but it stays on while the big screen is on so it's a bit counter-intuitive how battery life is actually being saved.
    5) Due to the proprietary nature of a dual-screened phone, updates are few and far-between.
    6) Samsung no longer has the SCH-I400 listed in it's support pages. I suspect they're trying to sweep it under the carpet, thus no updates.

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