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Just got my Droid Pro for $20

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  1. s.hasan546

    s.hasan546 Member

    Hey guys if you guys want to get the Droid Pro for cheap but don't want to wait for it do what i did. Go to best buy and ask them to price match Target.com. Target had it on sale for $20.

  2. 999Vulcan

    999Vulcan Well-Known Member

    Got mine for free last week @BB PM to NewEgg.
  3. Kamdon

    Kamdon Member

    I paid $29 for mine at Verizon!!!!
  4. rllong1

    rllong1 Member

    How in the world did you get the pro from Verizon for 30 dollars? I just ordered mine from Targets online store. I am a little weary of buying from them because I have heard experiences of Wirefly/Amazon.
  5. lgonzal3

    lgonzal3 Active Member

    shouldnt be an issue, i've ordered from wirefly before and had no problem.
  6. burns1210

    burns1210 New Member

    $20? $30? Please

    Go to Amazon.com's wireless store. Got my Pro for 1 cent shipped.
  7. lgonzal3

    lgonzal3 Active Member

    looks like you paid .01 cents too much @burns1210.

    At Wirelfy I just got one for my son for FREE. FTW!!!
  8. mahers

    mahers Well-Known Member

    Got my wife one for a penny from Costco, but due to CA tax laws, I had to pay $40. Still better than VZW who wanted $220 with tax!!
  9. Subie07

    Subie07 New Member

    Anyone know where the best place to buy one with no contract extension is? My phone is getting old an i want a new one but dont want to wait months for an upgrade and dont want to pay hundreds either.
  10. rllong1

    rllong1 Member

    Just my opinion here. But I doubt your going to find a Droid Pro off contract for less than 200. You may catch a deal on ebay or cragslist for one but I personally have not seen them anywhere for less than hundreds.
  11. bsweetness

    bsweetness Well-Known Member

    Agreed. At this point, someone will be paying between $200 and $250 for a used one in good condition. You could always get lucky and come across someone who doesn't know what's worth or just really wants to get rid of quickly who will sell it for less than that, but on average that's the going rate.

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