Just got my first HTC! =)

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  1. ElJettaDroid

    ElJettaDroid New Member

    I jus got one i still have to call and activate is still in the box and all lol..
    Second android, first htc:
    My question is i currently have a samsung transform nd i used to love it at first now is frikin garbage to me =/ it all went down the drain since they screwed me with the android update on it. Now it freezes is a nightmare..
    So.. will this phone be ane better than my transform or am i doomed with nighmares to come again? Ane tips tricks or anething u guys i would appreciate it..

  2. turkbot

    turkbot Active Member

    Root and custom ROM hands down the only way to Android
    Some people hate this phone but its kick a$$ super fast and besides the ancient android I once owned best one phone I ever had
  3. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Agree w/Turkbot. You need to root the EVO shift. Out of the box, it is a decent phone but it's an old model now. Rooting it gives it new life.
  4. john29

    john29 Member

    all the best for your new device and keep it in good condition for the future.
  5. alsoran

    alsoran Well-Known Member

    Older model,but it is a workhorse.Mine is stock and I don't use the slide out keyboard.We use Wifes as hotspot and will be using til they fall apart or HTC comes out with a more reliable device than what they offer now.You will love it.

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