Just Got My Hands On A Cheap G-Tablet! Now What?

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  1. bobby_digital

    bobby_digital Member

    Hello people, I just got my hands on a G-tablet and i've been googling and reading like crazy. I just need some insight or even personal opinions to a few question. I see that we are waiting for a native honeycomb release so for the time being which rom should I use, as i see most of the roms all have the same issue with the camera not working and hardware accerlation not working as well.

    From what I've read the 3 best roms are the gtabcomb 3.0 (i see 3.3 is in beta), Flashback 10.1 & CM7.

    Of these listed which one would be best suited for the tablet causing minimal issues.

    If you have any other roms that you guys recommend please feel free to share.

    Thanks a bunch

  2. Zebulon

    Zebulon Well-Known Member

    Personally, I use GTabComb 3.3. It's fast, stable, and most apps work really well. I mainly use it because it was the only HC ROM that is available for the 1.1 bootloader, and I didn't want to mess with NVFlashing to 1.2 for Flashback, but it is a really great ROM.
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  3. alaskn81

    alaskn81 Well-Known Member

    Did you buy your gtablet new? figure out which bootloader your tablet is on, 1.1 or 1.2. A new tablet will probably be 1.2. From there you can figure out which ROM. I have been on flashback and gtabcomb ROM's and fairly happy with both, before that I was on CM7. I haven't had any real issues with any of the ROM's really, and it's not difficult to switch between them. Hardest part is getting your apps and everything set up again.

    This is a fairly reliable tablet with the custom ROM's, this was my first Android device and learned about recovery, nvflash and all of that stuff from this tablet. Switching bootlaoders was a bit easier then I thought it would be, there is a guide for everything with this tablet. Slatedroid forums are really good with this tablet too.
  4. Prime85

    Prime85 Well-Known Member

    Learn nvflash. You will be using it alot
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  5. bobby_digital

    bobby_digital Member

    I installed Honeycomb 3.3, nice looking and so far not alot of issues other than a few apps from the market that I use on my Evo dont work on this rom. also, my camera doesnt work, which isn't that big of a deal but I was reading that their is a fix to get the camera working on HC 3.3, if their is any truth to this can someone please confirm and/or point me in the right direction to accomplish the camera fix.

    Also, since I'm running the HC 3.3, just wanted to get a few people's opinion on the other rom's out their like TNT lite & CM7.....

    Again, Thanks so much for any input this forum is by far the best!
  6. Prime85

    Prime85 Well-Known Member

    There is no fix for the camera in honeycomb at the moment. My favorite rom is flashback since with gtabcomb some websites don't load.

    Alot of people prefer the froyo and Roms because more stuff works,but you also loose the apps that were made for tablets that you can only get in honeycomb or ICS.
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  7. Airabus711

    Airabus711 Member

    I was using the stock rom and finally went with honeycomb 3.3. Very Kewl rom for tablets.. But you should look at all the different flavors to see what strikes your fancy
  8. AtomicCEO

    AtomicCEO Well-Known Member

    I ran with stock very briefly, then tried C&C Froyo, but had some website issues with streaming flash video. I'm running VEGAnTab Gingerbread now, and I'm having a lot of weird issues with FC and the system either shutting down when in sleep mode, or not waking properly so I accidentally reboot it myself when trying to wake it. I haven't settled on one yet that I'm comfortable with.

    Is the Flashback ROM "wife-friendly" stable at this point? Like could someone use it for web browsing and simple games without glitches and fiddling? I'm a fiddler, but not so much the rest of the family.
  9. Prime85

    Prime85 Well-Known Member

    I have flashback on my wife's gtab and she loves it. You will have to use the opera browser for flash to work but its a great rom. Also I believe all the Roms other the froyo have that wake issue. The ICS rom/kernel seems to have fixed it but you will have to wait for it.
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