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  1. Romparoo

    Romparoo Well-Known Member

    I have been wanting this phone since Feb, when I joined the Forum and was watching the posts every day. But when Verizon went with their bogo with 2 Eris' for only $80 I jumped. I was not upset that I did and not upset that 2 months later the Incredible finally came out.

    But after 6 replacements of the Eris I was given the option to have it replaced with the Incredible without having to use an upgrade or extend my contract :D

    I am not sure if I am going to root my Dinc like I did my Eris. I will play around with it and see how much I like it stock.

    Merry Christmas all!!!

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Welcome to the club. I've never rooted so I guess I don't know exactly what I'm missing. The Incredible is incredible all on it's own so rooting is just an option in my opinion. My thought has always been.. when and if I should become bored with the Dinc.. it will be time to root and have new toys and config options to amuse myself.
    That hasn't occurred just yet but it will remain an option as time goes on. Good luck with your Dinc. I hope it's all that you thought it would be and more.
  3. BetaMan

    BetaMan Well-Known Member

    The DInc is a FAR SUPERIOR phone to the Eris! They are like a beginner Android and an all-grown-up Android phone. The Eris gets your feet wet and the DInc takes you to the limits of Android.

    There's a reason they named it the Incredible. They were right!
  4. Kilo7

    Kilo7 Well-Known Member

    Congrats, Merry Christmas and welcome aboard
  5. gonzoguy24

    gonzoguy24 Well-Known Member

    Coming from an Eris, you are going to like this phone! Congrats!
  6. gonzoguy24

    gonzoguy24 Well-Known Member

    PS the root bug WILL bite you eventually!
  7. medwa

    medwa Well-Known Member

    Congrats on your Dinc! Its truly a great phone. I've had mine for 6 months now and still haven't touched another android device that quite matches up to it (I haven't touched a nexus yet lol).

    For tons of options for customization, I'd recommend Launcher Pro. It makes the phone even better.
  8. sail4fun201

    sail4fun201 Well-Known Member

    Oh, it absolutely will. Trust me. Flashing a new ROM is like having a whole new phone to play with.

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