Just got my Photon!General

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  1. Godfather13

    Godfather13 Well-Known Member

    UPS just dropped it off. Pics to come!

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  2. sixshooterz

    sixshooterz Member

    Update your sig, you upgraded!! :)

    Looking forward to your pics and taking some of my own. C'mon UPS dude!
  3. Godfather13

    Godfather13 Well-Known Member

    Here it is. I can confirm the phone can rest easily on the kickstand with the charging port facing upward!

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  4. sixshooterz

    sixshooterz Member

    EDIT: Nm, just saw your other post in the Ordered thread.
  5. Ronnie

    Ronnie Active Member

    i was just about to make a thread of has anyone gotten the photon yet ?? you answered my question . congrats man
  6. zerohaste

    zerohaste Member

    What time did you order it? I didn't get my order in until about 11am, so I hope I made the cutoff.

    Also, did you have tracking info for it?
  7. reddragon72

    reddragon72 Well-Known Member

    EXCELLENT!!! and congrats on being the first to get it and post it!!

    But the other big Q that remains on my list is do you need the dock to use webtop or can you use it with just the HDMI cable plugged into the phone?? BIG Q there that everyone is curious about.
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  8. Godfather13

    Godfather13 Well-Known Member

    I ordered it at 8am. I never received any tracking info for it from Sprint. And when I checked my status 30 min ago it still was in processing.
  9. sixshooterz

    sixshooterz Member

    You should call them and offer to give them the tracking info so they can update the site for you. :p
  10. KnowProblem

    KnowProblem Well-Known Member

    Maybe they'll send him another one :D
  11. reddragon72

    reddragon72 Well-Known Member

    Godfather13... can you please verify if gtalk has video or not. Reviews are saying no but I am adding this to my curous list. Also the HDMI webtop without the dock is my other Q.

  12. Godfather13

    Godfather13 Well-Known Member

    I do not have the answer to this yet.
  13. DMC-12

    DMC-12 Active Member

    Mine has just arrived via UPS.

    Tracking on sprint's site still says processing... lulz.
  14. Godfather13

    Godfather13 Well-Known Member

    When I first plugged the phone in the screen flashed the battery charge screen and showed 70% charged. The notification light was lit a yellow/orange color. Its been charging 53 minutes now and the light is green. I still havent turned it on yet. (Im paranoid if I dont let it go 3 hrs Ill have a battery that loses power faster then it should...yes, OCD).
  15. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    I read on Android Central that the phone does not come with a microSD card. Is this true? That's a bit of a bummer...it'll be the first Android phone (really any recent Sprint phones) that does not come with a microSD card.
  16. Godfather13

    Godfather13 Well-Known Member

    Correct. There is NO sd card with the phone. It comes with the Li-Ion battery, AC Charger with USB cable, SIM card installed, Get started guide, another booklet for terms/conditions, and a bag for recycling an old phone if you want.
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  17. KnowProblem

    KnowProblem Well-Known Member

    Moto said that with 16GB internal memory, they did not feel the need to include an SD card.
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  18. Ronnie

    Ronnie Active Member

    got it !
  19. reddragon72

    reddragon72 Well-Known Member

    you are correct, there is not SD card. The internal memory is at 16gigs and is split up into various places.

    With that can we get someone who boots the phone to give us a screenshot of the memory screen? pretty please :p
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  20. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    Ok, so it seems to follow the Samsung Captivate model.
  21. tonyv69

    tonyv69 Well-Known Member

    My son just called to say UPS dropped.it off, ordered at 7:52 yesterday . is it a little lame if I'm seriously considering leaving work early....
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  22. sixshooterz

    sixshooterz Member

    I'd say it's a little lame if you don't!!

    BTW, if you don't, can you at least send it to me? I'm still waiting on mine to get here. :D
  23. BanterandRant

    BanterandRant Well-Known Member

    You look terrible, you should go home early... ;-)

  24. B-Real206

    B-Real206 Member

    Not at all, hurry home!
  25. l1fe

    l1fe Member

    Just got mine from UPS at ~3PM. Ordered around 9AM EST yesterday.

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