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  1. headache56

    headache56 Member

    I have just bought a Samsung Galaxy W. It is a great phone, fantastic value. May I ask:


    Setting up email, the default POP outgoing server was set at Port 587 (or was it 578) but I previously used port 25 on my HTC Wildfire. Does it matter, which should I use ?

    (2) How do I copy these types of files onto the phone or its 32GB micro SD that I formatted (on the phone, per the manual) :

    JPG picture files (these will not open)

    Video files in either WMV, MPG4, etc (bizarrely, the accepetable formats are shon as "format unrecognised").

    Music files (these work OK but how can I get rid of the artwork as every one of my 500 songs - of various artists - show with the same picture er of Celine Dion.).

    Clearly I do not understand how to load these files properly (in fact I cannot see where there are using Windows Explorer either on the phone or the SD are they hidden, what is the path please).

    The file loading process I used on my HTC Android is not working for me on the SGW. I wonder, shouldI use Kies, should I load files using the mini USB data lead or should I load them by putting the sd card into my desktop PC.

    Any tips gratefully received.

    PS: "appszorter for touchwiz" was excellent and sorting my apps icons so they are now in alphabetical order.

  2. headache56

    headache56 Member

    I have now copied music, photos and videos from my previous 8gb SD card (used in my HTC Wildfire Android) and loaded it on my 32gb SD card in my Samsung Galaxy W. All music and (only some of) the videos work OK running from the SD card.

    However, photos loaded onto to the SD card will not open on the handset. Whilst the number of photos shows, when I open Gallery, the JPG photos are just not recognised.

    I tried loading KIES (I have no idea what that is, is it really necessary?) on my Desktop, direct from the Samsung website, but this failed when I got a messge "Error 2, the system cannot find the specified file".

    Any ideas on how I can load photos so that they work on the handset would be helpful.
  3. headache56

    headache56 Member

    Well I (1) removed the old SD card from my HTC Wildfire, (2) inserted it into my Desktop PC's card reader (3) Copied all the videos, music and pictures on it (4) Then inserted it in the new Samsung - it works.

    Its not pretty but it works.

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