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Just got myself a T-Mobile s2General

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  1. bandit95ta

    bandit95ta Member

    I just got myself a used s2 on eBay and I plan on using it prepaid. I may jump between T-Mobile and straight talk. This is my first gsm phone so I'm wondering, when switching between carriers/sim cards, will it reset my phone? I want to root so would the rooting keep it from working on a different sim card? Also I see so many different ways to root this phone, will the stickies here work if i update to stock ICS first? I believe its currently on 2.3.6 and I haven't added my Google account yet or done anything with it. I really just wanna find the easiest, fail proof way to root it. I'm coming from a galaxy nexus for Verizon and it took me awhile to root it. I can do the ROMs without much trouble but rooting is a bit more intimidating to me. Thanks for the help in advance!

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  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Hi bandit :hello: Congratulations on your new toy.

    I really don't know how switching sims between Tmo and Straight Talk would work. I don't know if your phone would have to be unlocked to do that or what.

    Rooting wouldn't affect your sim card. You can root using this guide. Just take note of the part that says "If you are still running Gingerbread". I would recommend using this guide and updating to the latest ICS first, version UVLI4, and then root. Rooting can be intimidating but this phone is pretty easy. Your model is the SGH-T989 correct? :)
  3. bandit95ta

    bandit95ta Member

    I don't have it in front of me right now but I believe it that's the correct model number. It's a white T-Mobile galaxy s2. So when I activate it I should do the update to that ICS build first then root?
  4. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that's what I would do. ICS UVLI4 is a good improvement over Gingerbread. If you rooted and then decided you wanted to go to ICS, you would have to reroot again. Plus, the newer recoveries don't work well with Gingerbread.
  5. Manodedios

    Manodedios Well-Known Member

    I have the same phone on straight talk. This does not need to be unlocked. Neither carrier will ever know its rooted unless you tell them. I bought mine used and I rooted and upgraded straight to cm 10.1 even before it was activated :D
    S/t uses there own sim so when you activate it you give the sim number NOT the phones serial.
  6. bandit95ta

    bandit95ta Member

    Awesome! I was wondering if I could root before activating. Only problem is it wont let me update to ICS until activated. Unless I could do it through kies? I wont activate phone for another month or so
  7. bandit95ta

    bandit95ta Member

    Well I got it rooted and put the aokp mr1 build 4 ROM on it and it runs pretty good. Only thing is when I plug it into the computer it can only be recognized as android but cant find drivers. It will only work in a mass storage mode. kies won't even recognize it now so i can restore a backup of photos. Any suggestions
  8. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    If you look in settings, I think there is a choice of how to connect; as an MTP device or camera. What is your settings?
  9. bandit95ta

    bandit95ta Member

    I couldn't find it in the settings. I went ahead and switched over to Jedi mind trick though. Wanted to try some touch wiz out since I've been on stock android with my galaxy nexus. Mix it up a bit

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