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  1. rolliesandoval

    rolliesandoval New Member

    Im already having freezing issues...it loads up fast so i dont mind the batter pull ( i'm coming from a blackberry) But does anyone know of a way to stop this...maybe some regular galaxy s software or something... will the galaxy s root work on this?

  2. mavictb

    mavictb Well-Known Member

    exchange it for a new one... mine is very fast and had no issues.
  3. nailedtonothing

    nailedtonothing New Member

    agreed, mine is speedy and smooth. no freezing issues thus far, i would exchange it for a new one.
  4. Mr. Eli

    Mr. Eli Member

    Yeah mine works wonderfully as well. Definitely exchange it. There's always one in the bunch that isn't working properly.
  5. mrjfwright

    mrjfwright New Member

    I bought mine a couple weeks ago, and I experienced it freezing up too (twice). Once, it just vibrated and I could not power cycle it... it's as if it turned itself off. Then about a minute later, the screen went on and I unlocked it (pattern). The second time I tried to dial a number and it froze in the middle of dialing. It seemed to have remembered the buttons I pressed though as it backed completely out of the dialpad. I'm going back to the kiosk where I purchased it and exchange it.
  6. SuperSixx

    SuperSixx New Member

    I had problems with my Galaxy 4g s as well , it started freezing a little nothing too serious but 4 a week old phone it shouldnt be at all. Ive had the answer and end icon flicker on me nonstop during an incoming call and coulnt answer. it also wouldnt recognize that i moved the phone from my ears and the screen would stay black at time w NO way of turning it on to say switch calls, etc. i winded up switching the last day b4 2 week trial period was up, THE REP WAS BOTHERED but F him, i spent my money. Now the replacement is much better just a little sluggish at times. Definately gonna keep this in good condition so i could sell this summer.

    P.S ... The battery sucks BIG TIME and it takes HOURS to charge , 3+hrs 4 a full charge.
    Don't get me wrong the physical quality is nice but it is hiding alot of issues , 1gb internal memory is just another gripe.
  7. veryunhappy

    veryunhappy New Member

    I wonder if anyone have the same issue. Samsung Galaxy S 4g is a power hogging device. It claims 6+ hrs talk time, but actually only lasted less than 3 hrs. If you use only wifi surfing, 2.5 hrs. The hateful 'Flash' site would keep bombard could freeze the phone as well. The phone itself would head up if talk longer than half hr such as when use it for technical support from certain company, if your talk time exceeded 1 hr, the phone front and back would be so warm seems could burn your ear.
    I had my Tel Co replaced it for me. The warm up issue still occur on the 2nd new phone. Worst, On Monday alone, the enire network disconnect without any sign of warning. Cause me near $350.00 on call work because I didn't receive any call nor voice mails notice till next day when I found out reboot the garbage phone. My tel Co replace the same phone again for a new one. This time thing seems work but the battery just the same, never lasted too long. Anybody encounter similar issue?
    I love the phone features but the problems it gave me is killing me. I felt like take a hammer smash it into pieces. How on earth someone could stand those torture force to recharge his phone every single day once or twice?
  8. damienfz

    damienfz Member

    Sorry to hear your problem. That's the only problem with alot of these phones . For instance I had the mytouch 4g it always froze and hogged the battery. after purchasing two mytouches I went to stock android the NEXUS S best phone ever; besides, battery life sucks. But in two months I've never had a problem. Think about it, all the latest update first.
  9. rrodriguez77

    rrodriguez77 New Member

    Please!!!,UPDATE Samsung galaxy s 4g,the new gingerbread 2.3.6vuvkj6 has to many issues that it is not good and requiring some attention..My phone is now freezing shuting off and turning on its own,blue tooth is horrible,also GPS.The voice mail icon gets stuck and wont go away,the browser tends to hand before loading a full page including a time it would shut the phone off on its own,wifi takes to long to come on and alote of data drop also at time service stops ,GPS every day seems to keep running on its own and then im force to restart.ect there to many to list I did not have any proublems wile on froyo said got a nice phon but the software or firmware sucks.
  10. Pepee63

    Pepee63 Well-Known Member

    I found mine to be excellent battery wise. Lots better than my galaxy note (original). The only problem I have on mine, is writing comments on sites. The comment pane will go large, then small and back to large again. Sometimes you can't even see the last words that you have typed. It's doing it right now. So annoying. It's the only fault I have found apart from when the phone is turned off, the alarm won't sound. I fixed this by putting it in aeroplane mode.

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