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  1. DXGypsy

    DXGypsy Well-Known Member

    Is this the ICS update? And is this the one where they take away tethering?
    If so I ain't down loading it.
    Anyone who has gotten it yet please let us know what's in it.

  2. nimoxp

    nimoxp Well-Known Member

    It's not ICS, it's a Muve music update, it will update your phone to 2.3.6 if you have 2.3.5, and it does have some nice updates,(that have speed up the phone for users here), but it is not ICS.

    I edited out about losing tethering cause I don't know what anyones phone will do.
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  3. rockstrongo

    rockstrongo Active Member

    I don't know about anyone else, but I updated and can still hotspot my mercury.
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  4. nimoxp

    nimoxp Well-Known Member

    Thankyou, you made my day.

    As soon as I downloaded, I tried hotspotting and was for the first time re-routed to the cricket death screen. I had not tried it again.

    So now after your post, I tried again and I learned that I do indeed still have tethering ability.:D:D This makes my Accer Iconia Tab once again usable!
  5. mkakemon

    mkakemon Active Member

    What app are you using to tether? I haven't been able to tether for months, and I didn't even upgrade or anything, it just stopped working.
  6. nimoxp

    nimoxp Well-Known Member

    We are not using any apps. We are just using the phones tethering ability. A while back Cricket shut off that capabality unless you paid a 10 dollar fee.

    For some reason some phones still can hotspot. No one here seems to know why some can tether and some can't. I think It may be a location thing.
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  7. rockstrongo

    rockstrongo Active Member

    Yeah, I just turn it on in settings. I was worried because I updated without even thinking, but when I checked it it's still working. I've never seen any type of "death page". I don't use it very often, but when I need it, it's handy as hell.
  8. gixxer_751

    gixxer_751 Well-Known Member

    Yup...& hot stopping is still available..

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