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  1. mb41186

    mb41186 Well-Known Member

    I just got this phone for a review, seems like a nice phone for the price and some decent specs, anyone else get it yet? it's only been out about a week

  2. Sinner67

    Sinner67 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I picked it up on Thursday because my Rise started boot looping on me. So far I like the Event better.
  3. mb41186

    mb41186 Well-Known Member

  4. Polarhound

    Polarhound Member

    Got the phone tonight, but it would not activate on it's own. The switch worked with no problem on VM's website, but the switch email I received had no manual MEID-entry instructions in it.

    I tried ##123456# and ##VIRGIN# with no luck. On a hunch, I tried ##UPDATE# which caused the phone to do a download of several types of updates, including checking for firmware and others. It then rebooted, installed the updates, rebooted again... and apparently did a factory reset in the process. It was only after doing this, however, that the OTA autoconfiguration worked.

    After using the HTC One V for a while, I find that I really don't care for the Event having the lower right button pulling up menus instead of task switching. If there was a way to make it mimic the One V's functionality, I would in a heartbeat. (Edit: Only realized afterwards that other phones hold the Home button for 2 seconds instead)

    On the plus side, the voicemail app seems to be a nice touch. I can see myself making regular use of it.

    (As to why I switched from a phone I liked, the HTC One V would stop recognizing input at times, impeding ability to make calls and text without a restart)

    Edit: Took a look at a bunch of unboxing videos, every single one of them cancelled the auto-activation. Has anyone actually gotten it to work on initial startup?
  5. mb41186

    mb41186 Well-Known Member

    I never try activating the phone "from the phone" I always do it from the website. mostly because it can never connect to their data servers and whatnot. For $80 this phone isn't bad, but it seems as if your kind of downgrading although you seem to have had issues with the HTC one V, do you plan to keep this phone long?
  6. Sinner67

    Sinner67 Well-Known Member

    Did you read the manual that came with your phone? The instructions say to visit the website to set up your account and plan. It also says "If you are swapping from another Virgin Mobile device to a new one, be sure to turn off the old device before swapping the serial number (MEID). Once the MEID Swap is complete, turn on the new device and the programming information will be pushed automatically to your device."
    I didn't go through these steps because the lady at the Best Buy Mobile store moved my account over to the new phone herself.
  7. Polarhound

    Polarhound Member

    I did, and it didn't activate on its own after several hours. It was only after using ##UPDATE# which did in fact find and install updates before also doing a factory rest of the phone automatically that it worked. After the reset, it activated in under two minutes after restart.
  8. wardo56

    wardo56 New Member

    I like it. good phone for the price. I upgraded from an LG Optimus. The back cover feels cheap and the resolution could be less muddy but for $59 what the hell
  9. larrytxeast

    larrytxeast Well-Known Member

    I changed from a Rise to an Event last Friday. It was my own fault--I had broken my phone 2 days before during a service outage, thinking the phone was at fault (it wasn't, my wife has a "feature phone" on Virgin Mobile it wasn't working that day either, service was out that one day only for whatever reason). Also, though, as one person mentioned, my Rise had a habit of "loop booting" as well, and while I liked the idea of a slider in theory (I guess I'm still a Blackberry person at heart), in practice with the Rise I found it irritating most times.

    So far, the Event works a lot like the Rise, only smoother (maybe my Rise had become too cluttered and a "wipe" would've fixed it?). Here are my observations, understanding that I'm not a hard-gore gamer on my phone, I mostly run Fast for Facebook (or Friendcaster), Opera Mini/Dolphin Mini browsers, Google Maps, eBay, AK Notepad, Alarm Clock and Wapedia:

    (1) Again, it seems to run smoother than the Rise, with less "stutter" delays and such

    (2) I don't recall how I activated it, I didn't see any options for editing the numbers (MEID?) so I don't know how the next user will change over if I sell it down the road, I guess I did it "over the air" (I had switched off the old phone prior, I had pulled my old LG Optimus Elite out of the mothballs and was using it in-between the Rise & Event)

    (3) I don't care for the location of the charger port (on top) but it's not a deal breaker either

    (4) I miss the "recent apps" button, you instead long-press home, or in my case, as I install "Holo Launcher HD" instead of using the Google launcher, I can put an icon on the home screen for recent apps.

    (5) GPS locks on quickly, I use the "power widget" and turn off GPS except when needing driving directions, it locks only quickly when I turn it on

    (6) Voice quality seems fine. As long as it isn't God awful as my Motorola Triumph was (I sold that phone quickly and went with an LG Optimus Elite), then all's fine

    (7) I didn't see a microSD card, maybe it doesn't come with one? I used the one that was in my Rise, no biggie.

    Yes, with the Rise before, and also with the Event, I was getting the irritating behavior of auto Wi-Fi switch-on; I use Wi-Fi around the house, but the minute I leave the house, I turn it off and I want it to STAY OFF!! This is how you make it stay off:

    Turn off Auto-Wi

    At the home screen, system settings, more (under data usage), mobile networking settings, connections optimizer, UN-check at the top.

    Voila--you're the man (or woman) now.
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