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Just in need of some clarificationGeneral

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  1. jOgRoAr

    jOgRoAr Member

    So I'm currently running the ZVD speed mod and just had a few questions.
    Thank you in advance

    -Is any Esteem able to run any of the ZVD ZVC or ZVB rom or am I tied down by the stock version of my phone? (ZVD)
    -Any reccomendations for a Rom that has Excellent battery life, I typically get about 8 hours. :)

    And I think thats it! Thanks for reading! :)

  2. AwesomePie85

    AwesomePie85 Well-Known Member

    Yes I'm pretty sure any Esteem is able to run ZVB/C/D. And I believe the best ROM for battery life (based on ZVD) is #2. Version 2.5.4 I've heard has been the best, but that's for you to decide...
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  3. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

    The rom/kernel you flash HAS to be compatible with the firmware version. You will have many issues flashing things made for other versions.
    +1 on ROM #2 for ZVD:thumbup:
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  4. jOgRoAr

    jOgRoAr Member

    Thanks a lot you guys!
    Currently I am downloading #2 and the bluetooth fix :D
    Lets see how it goes. Oh and just one more quick question, should I buy Rom toolbox Pro? It seems to have some awesome features, but I'm worried some won't work on my phone and I wouldn't want to buy an incomplete app, or an app that destroys my phone. :eek:
  5. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

    I just use the lite free version to remove ads. If you do go pro just be careful and make a backup prior to trying anything:thumbup:
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  6. jOgRoAr

    jOgRoAr Member

    I'll be sure to do that : D. And so far #2 has been great, although the battery life is basically unchanged but i'll keep it for a week as a sort of test. Thanks again!
  7. Slickinator

    Slickinator Well-Known Member

    Stock ROM with Stock Kernel, every other ROM I try slows down my esteem after like a week or two and battery is not-so great, but it might just be my Esteem. But judging by the look of it I think #2 has a good battery life.

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