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Just installed DroidMod, how do I get the black notification bar?

  1. jfe

    jfe Well-Known Member

    OK, I know, a total noob question.

    But since I took the easy way, and more due to lack of time, as I am tech savvy, I used the SM Updater and now the DM updated to ROM my droid. But I do miss the black notification bar.

    I saw that Metamorph could do some settings, and I installed their blue theme, but all it did was change the colors of certain things, I thought I was going to get the bar too

    So, how I do get the black bar with the cool round battery?

    Or should I just ROM to Smoked Glass ROM? I want to give this one a chance before I move to something else

  2. camcrobe

    camcrobe Member

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  3. jfe

    jfe Well-Known Member

    I thought the blue Metamorph would do it, but installed the smoke glass and that did the job

    Now I need to change the clock to white, because I can't see it
  4. camcrobe

    camcrobe Member

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  5. jfe

    jfe Well-Known Member

    I finally figured it out, thanks :)
  6. ianthomas

    ianthomas Member

    get the droidinator theme

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