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Just made an amazing game with AI. Please test it out.

  1. hsnkml

    hsnkml New Member

    Hey All!
    I've made and published my app 'MilkyWay' over Google Play.

    I would be grateful, if you guys could give it a try and give me a little performance feedback.
    I wholeheartedly welcome suggestions to improvise on the game.
    I would definitely bring updates to MilkyWay according to your suggestions!
    Its free, no ads. Just fun!

    Market link-
    'MilkyWay - The era of Cows has begun.'
    My Developer Name: Innovation Factory


    MilkyWay is about your flying cow longing for milk packets! But giant Asteroids are after her. Can you survive?
    If you could also take time out to rate and review it.
    Thanks a lot. :)


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