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  1. gigg423

    gigg423 Well-Known Member

    OK, I just ordered my G2X from T-mobile and it should be here today. I did some searching and I ran across a few very unflattering comments regarding this device. It seems those comments are from middle of 2011, so I am hoping these people were using 2.2 and the update to 2.3 corrected most complaints. I do not want to load a custom ROM on this phone, I would only root it, to enable tethering maybe.

    It seems in this forum there are not a lot of complaints with this phone, so I am hoping it is a decent little phone.

    Do you guys have any major issues with the stock 2.3 build on this phone?

  2. timmyjoe42

    timmyjoe42 Well-Known Member

    The OTA update fixed a lot of the bugs from how it originally shipped. I really wished T-Mobile had put more effort behind this device.

    With it rooted, running a custom ROM (I'm running Phoenix Blood, which is a custom version of CM7), and having it overclocked to 1.55 ghz, this device is a monster.
  3. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    We have 3 G2Xs in our family, all stock & not rooted. No problems with any of them.
  4. gigg423

    gigg423 Well-Known Member

    thanks. I just got them , and the only thing I notice so far is that there is no CRT animation when I put the phone to sleep. I thought this was standard on 2.3. Any suggestions?

    I have to say my previous phone was an optimus with a 600Mhz cpu. This phone is crazy fast as far as I can tell.

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