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  1. SearMe

    SearMe Member

    Sure is dead in here..

    I was initially debating between the nexus 7 and a refurb eee transformer but the nexus was too small and had no external storage and so I was close to buying the transformer until I started reading reviews on amazon. It was review after review of stopped charging/screen went out etc and since it'd be a refurb it's a limited warranty..

    After looking at the transformer reviews I started to look around again and read that the IdeaTab DOES have a microsd it's just hidden in the back. I originally saw the IdeaTab at Best Buy when I was checking out the different tablets and thought the size was perfect but didn't see a microsd and that is a deal breaker for me so I never looked closer.

    Despite the lack of in depth reviews the specs look good for what I want/price range and I figure I have a month to decide if it works for me. Pretty stoked. I'm picking it up tomorrow - this will be my first tablet.

    So anyone else out there yet?

  2. JohnGalt642

    JohnGalt642 New Member


    I have one of these as well.

    There is lots of info about them over on the Lenovo forums:


    Just hunt for A2109 over there.

    Sorry, but as a new user here, I can't post a direct link.
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  3. anika200

    anika200 Well-Known Member

    I think you will be pretty happy with your tablet. It is a nice fast machine, the wifi is great, streams music for hours without problems, netflixs works great on it...

    Here is the link for the lenovo site

  4. tek33

    tek33 New Member

    will not play facebook games because of no flash when anyone can figure a solution please let me know
  5. sister70

    sister70 New Member

    Just turned mine on and I am trying to figure it out. This is my first tablet. Hoping to be able to get hulu on it. Which app store should I use? The Lenovo app store doesn't have any apps in it (I know I must be doing something wrong). So I came here and found this forum. I am going to check out the firm johngalt suggested.

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