General Just Ordered My MyTouch 3G need Android advice.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by homotechual, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. homotechual

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    Jul 30, 2009
    I have the Blackberry 8900 right now, and since this phone has been annouced i'v been very intriuged with it. I'm a hardcore Blackberry fan though, so I'm going to need some help from you Android lovers. Have a few questions I need answered, I want to try the phone out for the 14 days before I decide on leaving my Blackberry.

    1)After reading a few reviews a lot of people are complaining about the texting. I am a heavy texter, understanding this is an open source software, is there an app to improve texting? Maybe even add t9 (i'v found that helps with touch phones ie.Behold)? This is my biggest issue, and one major thing I love about the 8900 is texting.

    2)Is there as many apps as Blackberry? Facebook? MySpace? and are they similar or better then the Blackberry?

    3)The Blackberry 8900 has amazing multimedia features will this phone have similar or on par features as the 8900?

    4)Can you make mp3's ringtones like you can on the BB?

    5)Can i have more then 1 email on the phone like I can on my BB?

    6)Can you customize contacts like you can on the BB?

    7)Can emails be pushed to the phone like sms like they can on the BB?

    8)Overall I use my cell phone mostly for picture/video/and #1 messaging. Have ex BB users been happy with Android.

    Your answers will be very much appriciated.


  2. homotechual

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    Jul 30, 2009
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    1) Im not running a MYtouch so hard for me to say if there are issues with the text messaging

    2) There are at least as many apps in the market as with blackberry you can browse them on your computer from here Cyrket - Android Market Browser

    3) If your referring to watching movies listening to music, using you tube etc... than yes you'll be good...

    4) Yes you can make or use any mp3 for your notifications and ringtones

    5) Yes you will have your gmail account to set it up and then you can add whatever other email accounts you want... I personally have 3 running on my G1

    6) That depends on what you mean by customize... hard to compare since I am not an ex BB user... might be best to ask Shivers316 as he is...

    7) Never tried to be honest...

    8) cant answer that personally but I do have friends who switched from both Iphone and BB's to G1's and they were extremly happy with the switch... Being the Mytouch is slightly smoother running and has a larger battery i'd say your good....

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