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  1. Argent009

    Argent009 Well-Known Member

    Hi forum folks,

    New user here and brand spanking new to all things Android. I've been an iPhone user for 5 years or so now (though i do not use a Mac, I had one once, did not care for it, I'm a Windows/Ubuntu user and I prefer it that way) but I've liked my i Device experiences until now and I'd still say I like them (use an iPad daily too). But my sister was over visiting a couple of weeks ago with a Samsung phone and I played with it for a little bit and really was impressed and then I started seeing the Note ads on TV and I knew I just had to get this thing. I'm a huge guy, former pro wrestler, 7' tall 380lbs, so all phones to date have felt very tiny in my hands and I've always had the problem of having to constantly move the phone from ear to mouth back and forth. The Note just looks like it was made for me.

    Now, the big question here is, what can I expect in the way of things I will need to know and or get used to, what are the major differences in the experience for a user between an iPhone and an Android device? Are there any tips or suggestions you can offer to a first time Android user? Even though I'm highly technically adept I doubt I'll feel the need to root the phone, I'm pretty much satisfied with just using my phone for the things I need it to do, but I'll hack the hell out of my computers. I build custom rigs all the time from scratch and I tweak my OS's until they scream, overclock everything that can be overclocked and experiment with everything from water to Peltier cooling. So don't be afraid to get technical, if I don't understand something I'll research it.


    [Edit: I should mention that as of this writing my phone hasn't arrived yet, I just ordered it through Amazon.com as an upgrade on my AT&T plan and it's due to arrive Wednesday the 30th.]

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  2. ArmageddonX

    ArmageddonX Well-Known Member

    Hey welcome to Android and congratulations on your Note! =)

    ~ ArmyX
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  3. Argent009

    Argent009 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, got any tips for an Android noob? Any apps that are must-haves (other than the few that I had on the iPhone that I know I'll want to re-get like Netflix and so forth).
  4. Zenstrive

    Zenstrive Well-Known Member

    Must have apps:

    Angry Birds :)P)
    Player Pro
    MX Player
    Moon+ Reader
  5. ArmageddonX

    ArmageddonX Well-Known Member


    Lookout Security
    Cut the Rope
    Cut the Rope Experiments
    Where's my Water
    Angry Birds (Space)
    Google Goggles
    Google Sky Map
    Speed Test
    My Backup Pro
    Beautiful Widgets
    Astro File Manager

    ~ ArmyX
  6. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

    I'm the same.

    I just retired my original iPhone after I saw the note a few months ago.

    Being a technical person, you'll have no issues with Android. That's really the only thing you need to learn. These days a phone is a phone. a few buttons and all touch.

    So, coming from iLand myself, the biggest issue for me is the Android store and its apps. I check out a lot of Android sites now and I am amazed at the crap that is allowed on the android store. Warning of malicious apps all over the place.

    Read the reviews of anything you want to install. read them well. Fragmentation is still an issue for some apps.

    Also, Android has the issue of running power hungry apps in the background way more efficiently that iPhone. And when I say efficiently, I mean it sucks. Make sure you get familiar with exiting out of all your programs and not using the home button like on iPhone. Otherwise you could really run into some battery drain issues.

    Get used to NOT getting timely OS updates for your Note. iPhones and iDevices always get them at the same time, and they are the same across the board. I am finding out that I really dislike using the Android ecosystem when it comes to updates because nothing is as transparent as it was with Apple.

    Like right now, getting the newest OS update is an exercise in frustration. Some phones from some countries are getting it.

    Every one else has zero idea of when they will get it.

    Anyways this isn't an iDevice is better rant. I love the Note. Just spend some time getting the handle of the OS. Keep an eye on your battery drain. There are lots of threads here about it because it is an issue that can come up easily.

    As developers have more access to the hardware/software insides, there are lots of great utilities and apps for customizing your Android device, without the Jailbreak/Rooting stuff. So it's fun if you're a tech geek to play with some of the stuff available.

    Rooting. I did only cuz I wanted to control the CPU speed (under clock) when not in use, and be able to block unwanted calls at the hardware level, before my phone even rings.

    But the great thing is this forum, always lots of help....
  7. salla43

    salla43 Well-Known Member

    Agree, check what you want to do with it, and select the best apps for the job. I use mine for emails (K9) pics (QuickPic) music (PlayerPro) browser (Dolphin) filemanager (Es File Explorer). These are the best apps i have found for these functions and i've been through many! Only install what you need, and delete what you don't. It can get clogged up like a pc.

    I have rooted my Note and flashed ICS to be able to overcome the awful copy text functionality with GB. If you do a lot of text manipulation, I reluctantly recommend this, unless you are lucky enough to have ICS upgrade available.

    I have factory resetted and cleared caches numerous times to overcome glitches and prevalent force closes, but it doesn't bother me overly.

    The device is superb.

    Currently am using it with a bluetooth keyboard from Logitech, and it's very usable. Waiting for a BT mouse to arrive to complete the picture.

    Welcome to a new world of open ended and flexible fun.

    (added - and also Do It Tomorrow is probably the best todo list thing for me anyhow - its so simple)
  8. Argent009

    Argent009 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the awesome tips and suggestions. I've had the phone for a day now and I love it. I liked my iPhone, it did what I wanted but the phone, like any other cell phone, was small and I'm a very big dude. The extra screen real estate is just a super bonus and wonderful for Netflix, which I use constantly. I've got the basics of using the device down, didn't take very long and yep, I noticed about the battery drain with running apps, but I'm a bit confused about some of that. There are a lot of things running that look like they need to stay running. How do I know which apps are ones that need to be left alone? A lot of them are ones I don't recognize the names of because I didn't physically run them myself so I'm thinking they must be processes needed for things that run on the phone in the background.

    I did get a spare battery with it and just grabbed a dock today and have another on the way from Amazon with a spare battery charger built into it, also waiting for my Seidio case for it. Signal strength is outstanding, especially compared to the poor strength of the iPhone 4. I'm seeing 5 bars no matter where I am with the Note and the iPhone usually had 2 or 3 in most places. Sound quality is great, screen clarity is amazing. LOVE the live wallpapers. As an artist, I'm kind of a visual person and I like eye candy. Some people think it's unimportant but hey, I like it. :)

    Apps that are important for me are organizational apps, medical apps (specifically things to keep track of my meds, diabetes and heart condition), a few good games, I enjoy word games and Mah Jong and simple things like that. Not really into the more advanced games on my mobile devices. I use my PC or PS3 for that kind of thing, usually on the phone or tablet it's just a quick game thing for me. I'd like to know what the best Mah Jong and Dominoes games are (free for now, I don't have any juice on my plastic right now).

    Last thing, I'd love a great quality nightstand app, something that displays a large time/date and at least 5 days of weather in a pleasing display that stays on when docked, no dimming, though I have an app that prevents dimming on any app I choose so that's not a big deal now. I love the default weather/time/date widget but something with a nice animated weather display background that maybe includes some more advanced features (music player, planner/reminder). I've never found such an app even on the iPhone/iPad, it'd be nice to have but I'm doubting anyone's made one for any device to be honest. Anyone wanna help me develop one? I bet it'd sell like hotcakes. :)
  9. snowmaan

    snowmaan Member

    Argent thanks I just ordered the Seidio case on Amazon after reading your comment, looks fantastic
    I will post some tips tmrw as well, it's late in Australia so will come back tmrw
  10. Argent009

    Argent009 Well-Known Member

    I haven't gotten mine yet, but it was the best of the bunch I have seen so far, I ordered a second one that's glossy and also has a kickstand and am waiting on both to do a side by side. I like to have a variety of cases. My old iPhone 4 is going to my mom now and with it, 12 cases. Yeesh, I didn't even realize I had that many. :) Like I said, I like eye candy, can't help it, it's the artist in me. :)

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