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  1. SSmokybear

    SSmokybear Well-Known Member

    I was able to order mine at 4am this morning through Sprint's Telesales.

    Order Summary

    Order Number: tm-tsrq-35008409
    Order Line Details
    Product Details: Motorola Photon 4G
    Quantity: 1
    SKU: MOTOMB855
    Promotion Code:


  2. DMC-12

    DMC-12 Active Member

    Just got mine ordered as well :D
  3. DMC-12

    DMC-12 Active Member

  4. Godfather13

    Godfather13 Well-Known Member

    So, thanks to a person who posted on Sprints forum I was able to get the web address to the pre-order from android central. Its still not listed on Sprints site. Not sure why they have it live yet choose not to post it until 1pm cst. And not sure how this person found out the address, but I dont care either.

    Ive got it ordered! Now PLEASE show up on my door step TOMORROW!
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  5. Godfather13

    Godfather13 Well-Known Member

  6. DMC-12

    DMC-12 Active Member

    Got mine ordered as well!


    And yes... it better be here tomorrow! heh.
  7. John Kotches

    John Kotches Active Member

    Add me to the list of successful preorders.
  8. John Kotches

    John Kotches Active Member

    I hope to do just that!
  9. tonyv69

    tonyv69 Well-Known Member

    Man I was so bummed over the switch to 1pm,
    Thanks for the link. Order went through quick.
    Now the wait begins...
  10. 1kwik72

    1kwik72 Member

    Ordered mine right around 8am EST this morning too. Hopefully it will show up tomorrow, if not I guess at least I saved myself a trip out to the Sprint store Sunday LOL

  11. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    I was on the verge of ordering, but in the end, there's no extra benefit for me ordering directly from Sprint, rather than waiting until Sunday. There are too many Best Buy and Sprint stores in my area, so I'm sure one of those stores will have it.
  12. Bandage

    Bandage Well-Known Member

  13. Ronnie

    Ronnie Active Member

    ordered mine and now playing the waiting game......
  14. wubbie075

    wubbie075 Well-Known Member

    Same here. I still have some concerns about the screen (greatly reduced by the screen tech thread), so I just need to have my hands on it for a few minutes before I take the plunge.

    It is coming just in time though, cause I started having charging port issues on my Evo last night.

    As a premier customer I can have the price of the phone charged to my phone bill, right?
  15. aaron130

    aaron130 Active Member

    Yes you can.

    OLDnSIMPLE Member

    Thanks to the answers people in here gave me, I ordered my Photon today. I hope I like it, but it has to be better than my Palm Pre, right? I thought that was going to be a great phone as well.
  17. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Day and night from the Palm Pre. I've only seen a handful of former Palm Pre owners not like Android OS, but one of my best friends just upgraded to the EVO Shift and he likes it a lot.
  18. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    I tried to order and couldn't cause I got a message at the end that basically said... "No you loser, you can't order this phone cause your eligibility date isn't until Aug 1st. Stop wasting our time" or something to that effect. lol :eek:

    So I called CS and after a short while of waiting, she got to change the eligibility date to today, just have to wait a few minutes so i can do the order.
    Probably the longest few minutes of my life right now.


    TS out (looking at the clock)
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  19. Glod

    Glod Active Member

    I am losing hope that it will ship out today :/
  20. tbhausen

    tbhausen Well-Known Member

    I'm betting it will :)
  21. sixshooterz

    sixshooterz Member

    I got two of them ordered this morning. I called and talked to Order Support who told me as long as it was ordered early enough it should ship today and be here tomorrow. Here's hoping!!!
  22. John Kotches

    John Kotches Active Member

    Okay, but "early enough" isn't a time...

    Was 800am Central early enough? I want dual core android goodness!
  23. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    Well the order went through and I decided to pay for the two of them via credit card. Accessories will be put on my monthly bill since that's high as it is. :eek:

    Talk to CS and they also said that it should be shipped out today to arrive by 6PM tomorrow, actually UPS has delivered as late as 8PM here in NYC.


  24. tbhausen

    tbhausen Well-Known Member

    Sure would like to know how many go out today... Guesses? I'd bet about 750...
  25. sixshooterz

    sixshooterz Member

    Wish I had an exact answer for that one John! She couldn't give me an exact time. :cool:

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