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  1. climax

    climax New Member

    I'm a new user to the android forums and wish to be a part of this well numbered community.

    Well that said, I would like to obtain information on a subject that has crossed my mind.

    I have noticed that some applications that require a registration process (such as heywire) take some type of information about your device or hardware.

    Now I know there are plenty of apps that will take such information (because when I uninstalled heywire and later re-installed it it told me I had an account already. An some applications do this regardless of a different ip address.

    I have no problem with this but am puzzled by this: what if I sell my desire z and the guy/girl that purchases it installs the app heywire or some app the device was already registered to? Will they be able to create a new account or will the app tell them that an account already exists for this device?

    Same thing goes if I want to buy a second hand android.

    So I guess my two questions are: will a person who buys a second hand android and downloads an app that the previous owner had and his device was registered, will be denied the possibility of creating an account?

    Is there a way to un-register a device that was registered by its previous owner to a app like heywire or whatever app that does such actions?

    Thanks to whoever will answer this question.

  2. tyler79durdan

    tyler79durdan Well-Known Member

    Youre not registering your device, youre registering your email, and when you use your setup wizard, your email is added to the phone and im assuming your registered on heywire with your gmail account. A standard factory reset will prepare the device for sale.
  3. climax

    climax New Member

    thank you for clearing that out for me.

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