Just Rooted My Captivate Glide! I'm So Excited!General

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  1. rottinrob

    rottinrob New Member

    Hey Everyone,

    I just rooted my Captivate Glide! Now I guess I better learn what to do with it now. I'm not a Linux or a Java guy, but I am pretty handy in CPP and computers in general. I'm sure I'll pick this up in no time. Do any of y'all have any suggestions on what to study and maybe give me some ideas on what is possible to do next. I put in the ES File Explorer, ES Task Manager, Superuser, ROM Manager, BusyBox, Titanium Backups. I was trying to download the ClockworkMod but its not available according to what I have read. I also deleted the Android File Manager, Android Task Manager, and Android App Manager because they were sending me all kinds of advertisement to my notification bar.

    So any suggestions guys?

    Thanks RottinRob

  2. DudeJB

    DudeJB Member

    CWM is available I would start with that then try one of the many Roms available.

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