Just rooted my phone..now what! lol

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  1. pnelly16

    pnelly16 Member

    Ok so I've been reading and reading and more reading and I finally decided to root my phone. Ok everything went good with that done and done..But now what lol. Im not very good with all this just learning bit by bit a day, I know i want to get rid of the Att crap on here and have been reading a bit on how to do that and i think i can without screwing up my phone..Any pointing in any direction of what to do next is awesome lol

  2. XTheEnthusiastX

    XTheEnthusiastX Active Member

    The first thing I would do if I rooted is install WiFi Tether so you can connect WiFi devices like a laptop to your phone and use your phone's data to surf the web! BTW it's completely free!


    You can probably install this directly on your rooted phone, just go this post on your Captivate and click the link! :D
  3. pnelly16

    pnelly16 Member

    Ok ya that would be pretty damn nice. So i took a look at one of the many forums out there and decided to give my luck on the SDK stuff here SDKs, drivers and roots - Oh, my! | Android Central

    Just trying some of the simple backup stuff and I cant get it to work tells me Error: Device offline. when it certainly isnt lol. Was hoping to get this enough to remove this att crapware on this phone what did i do wrong?
  4. XTheEnthusiastX

    XTheEnthusiastX Active Member

    Can I ask you why you are trying to remove AT&T bloatware? I know it's crap lol, but does it really make a significant difference in performance/speed? I got sick of looking at it in my app drawer and luckily LauncherPro lets you hide apps from your app drawer, so I simply hid all the AT&T apps. If you are really DEAD set on removing those apps then hopefully you are following this guide:


    Other than that I'm not exactly sure what went wrong as I'm new to Android as well and haven't tried that SDK stuff (YET). Once I exchange my phone I try modding more in depth.
  5. pnelly16

    pnelly16 Member

    Well thats really the only reason why I want it gone is I just dont want to look at it really. I am using launcher pro but I dont see how to hide them. All this stuff is kinda overwhelming at first trying to figure everything out is a big task ha. Cause i swear ive been through the settings for launchpro like 15 times and i cant fine how to hide the ones i dont want to see...
  6. XTheEnthusiastX

    XTheEnthusiastX Active Member

    Well first off, LauncherPro is simply AMAZING...now to hide apps, on the home screen push the menu soft key and then preferences. Then go to general settings, then hidden apps then check all the apps you want to hide then hit "Save." Its as easy as that, no hacks, no mods and best of all if you need to return/exchange the phone then you can factory reset and all the AT&T apps will be there lol :D
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  7. pnelly16

    pnelly16 Member

    wow how the heck did i miss that lol. Thanks! Now Im off to read the forums more to figure out how to do more stuff to this thing. To bad I can't get that SDK working it seems you need it for a lot of things. Ok so now I went on my phone and went to download that link you sent for the tethering. D/l'd just fine but it won't let me install. Says my phone wont let me install apps not sourced in the android market?
  8. XTheEnthusiastX

    XTheEnthusiastX Active Member

    Okay that's weird...but try this with the WiFi app:

    Sideload Android apps all you want with the Sideload Wonder Machine | Android Central

    Just install the app through your computer and try to use it on the phone. The wonderful thing about this sideload method is that it doesn't require rooting. So I tried this and on my phone the WiFi tether app said that you have to be rooted in order to use it (I haven't rooted yet).
  9. pnelly16

    pnelly16 Member

    Tried this and once again, when it tried to load it I got another error device is offline. I dunno what to do to fix this
  10. XTheEnthusiastX

    XTheEnthusiastX Active Member

  11. pnelly16

    pnelly16 Member

    Ya it goes all good at first. Shows the serial number etc and tells me to hit any key to continue. But then its goes through its normal process saying if you dont see an error you are good blah blah but shows - Error: Device is offline. SO i dunno whats up. Ya debugging is on and yup used those drivers as well.
  12. XTheEnthusiastX

    XTheEnthusiastX Active Member

    Hmmm...that sounds like some kind of problem with the driver/usb. Try using a different USB port?
    When you go into "My computer" you see two drives right (if you have an external microSD card installed in the phone then you should see two drives).
  13. pnelly16

    pnelly16 Member

    Well i know the computer is recognizing the phone, I can load up the kies program just fine when i try and i see it in my my comptuer section. If it was a USB port issue wouldnt my comp. not see it at all?
  14. XTheEnthusiastX

    XTheEnthusiastX Active Member

    Yes but the drivers could only be providing partial functionality. Happened to me: my computer would recognize it but it didn't let me gain access to something (can't remember what) before I installed new drivers. What method did you use to root?

    Found something similar to your dilemma:

  15. pnelly16

    pnelly16 Member

  16. mesasone

    mesasone Well-Known Member

    I uninstalled all the AT&T crap because some of it has fees attached to it and I don't want to accidentally end up with a recurring fee on my account. Sure, I can call customer service and get it removed.

    I also noticed that after I removed ALL the ATT junk, my battery life improved. Not a huge amount - about I seem to have 3-4% more left in my battery at the end of my day - but every little bit helps. I'm not sure if one of the AT&T apps was running in the background using data or what, but there did seem to be a drain on my battery with it installed.

    I used Titanium Backup to back up the apps and then uninstall them, just in case I needed to restore them.
  17. XTheEnthusiastX

    XTheEnthusiastX Active Member

    Yeah that's true because sometimes when I use Advanced Task Killer I see a bunch of those stupid AT&T apps hogging system resources and memory and when I kill them all my available memory is doubled lmao. It happens pretty rarely though so I don't see it as a big concern. As long as those eyesores are hidden from the app drawer all is well. :)
  18. sonorous

    sonorous Active Member

    Also make sure the apk file is in the AC-SWM folder on your computer. That was the only way I could get side loading to work for me...
  19. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    Just a general comment. :)

    If you don't know your reasons for rooting, it's probably not a good idea to venture down that road. Don't just do it because everyone else seems to be doing it. There are ramifications from rooting... risks the proponents rarely mention. However, reading through this forum you'll find no shortage of people who've bricked their phone attempting to root or applying a "lag fix", or other weird issues for some reason only affecting people who have done so. Of course, there will be some people have no issues... and those people will happily encourage everyone and their grandma to "just root" as if there could never be an problem or negative side-effect.

    And like has already been stated: you can hide the AT&T apps without rooting. You can simply not add them to any of your screens, or go further and hide them from the master app list using Launcher Pro.

    Anyway, good luck. :)
  20. robphelan

    robphelan Well-Known Member

    i rooted last night with no problems.. I was able to shell into the phone and I just moved (mv) the .apk files to .tmp - i'm not worried about disk space, i just don't want those at&t apps clogging my screens up.

    it's funny, i've been using UNIX for years & never really thought about it until i saw all the mv commands etc...that the OS really is UNIX/LINUX offshoot. it made complete sense when I actually looked at the commands (ls/mv/cp et al..) and thought about what was going on
  21. This might be a stupid question, but rooting does invalidate your warranty correct?
  22. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    Correct. People have claimed to successfully un-root and return to AT&T without them noticing but who knows how long that will last. Basically, it's an "at your own risk" choice.

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