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  1. Kimbernator

    Kimbernator Well-Known Member

    Everyone's worrying about whether or not the mt4g will get gingerbread, and while it would be stupid if it didnt (It has some of the best hardware out there), the tmobile site, specifically here:

    myTouch Bluetooth, Accessories, and Chargers | T-Mobile

    it says at the bottom that it will "Improve over time" and mentions upgrades for android with a "No phone left behind" title.

    Pretty clear evidence that tmobile will release gingerbread for this device.

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  2. GazaIan

    GazaIan Well-Known Member

    I never noticed that. Looks like I'll have to reverse my root and get S-ON when Gingerbread comes.
  3. Exaqtion

    Exaqtion Well-Known Member

    Good catch.
  4. achebee4you

    achebee4you Member

    But didn't they advertise something like that for the samsung vibrant that didn't go well
  5. Njcellgeek74

    Njcellgeek74 Well-Known Member

    The Vibrant's upgrade mess has a lot to do with Samsung. I doubt the MT4G will suffer the same snags.

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