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  1. jerrysimon

    jerrysimon Member

    Hi all

    I know I am very late to the party, but I just upgraded on my existing contract to an HTC Desire S.

    Previously I had a Samsung Galaxy Portal (i5700) so you can imagine its quite a step up for me.

    I wanted a HTC Desire when they came out a couple of years ago but was not prepared to take out a

  2. jerrysimon

    jerrysimon Member

    Ah just read in a post below. Latest is Android 2.3.5 and Sense 3.0 :(

    Seems T-Mobile has not released this yet. I just picked the phone up today!

    Re 3. above, forget I am being dumb :eek:


  3. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member


    1. 'The one with 3D screens' is Sense 3.0 - it has nothing to do with any of the Android operating systems, except that it needs Gingerbread 2.3.5 to work. Sense is HTC's graphic user interface that works on top of Android.

    Honeycomb is Android version 3.0 and is designed for tablets, not phones.

    2. HTC have announced that Ice Cream Sandwich will come to the Desire S. However, there's a big question as to when it will get to your phone as it will depend on whether or not you have a branded phone. T-Mobile seems to be the slowest to get around to releasing updated ROMS for its brand, so you might be in for a very long wait, unless they're going to skip the Sense 3.0/2.3.5 update (which they seem to have pulled?) and go straight to ICS. The non-branded HTC ROMs will get ICS first.

    3. Yes, it toggles between the two.
  4. jerrysimon

    jerrysimon Member


    Thanks for the explanation re Sense 3. That would explain why some of my friends have 3D screens on their Desire S's.

    I had not heard it had been pulled just that they were doing it in batches.

    Anyway the more I use the phone the more I like it.

    My wife is also due an upgrade this month and she really likes mine though she is eligible for a Samsung G2, which I may get her as she will like the bigger screen and the fact it comes in white :rolleyes:



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