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  1. jstu1033

    jstu1033 New Member

    Ok, so i just got this Pandigital 7 Novel for my 4 year old daughter. she loves angry birds so, i tried finding it for her. i downloaded the amazon app store since i dont have an android phone account. i have found angry birds seasons in the app store and it says that i have purchased it on my amazon account. but at the top of the screen on my tablet are two icons saying that its 0% downloaded. for some reason it seems to be hung on download so its not available to play? Help!!

  2. gigi3

    gigi3 New Member

    I am having same problem, is it not possible to load on this device? Even lite? Very frustrating. I have tried a few different sources...nothing works..please help! Gigi
  3. Triska

    Triska Well-Known Member

    Mine downloaded just fine. However, many of the graphics are messed up. Most of the background is white and you the birds/boxes are invisible more often than not. My four and six year olds still love it and call it their little iPad. They seem to have no problem playing the game and have passed many levels.

    Try cancelling the download and try again. You could always use the paper club trick in the little hole in the top to reboot it.
  4. kelly23

    kelly23 New Member

    Bought the white Novel for my son for Christmas, had the same problem, which is how I found this forum. I installed the Amazon marketplace and no apps would download--tablet would say the download is in que, and then just restart. We put an SD card in and then the downloads started going through. However, Angry Birds still shows up with all the text boxes as white squares. If anyone knows of a better site to download it from, please let me know?
  5. PropaTingz

    PropaTingz New Member

    Don't bother with angry birds. I have been experimenting with the apps and games you can use/play accordingly, and it's fairly limited. It is nice as an introduction into the android/e-reader/tablet world -- I would not have bought one at all if I had not received it as a gift this Christmas, now I'm planning on buying quite a nice one --but this thing is pretty bad for anything besides reading.

    I really doubt if kids will get much out of this thing. The only apps I've gotten to work are things like online scrabble, which is great for the older crowd! I'm addicted :D however the younger generation tends to like action games, and action is pretty much antonymous with the white pandigital.
    Sorry :(
  6. bzebos

    bzebos New Member

    I'm having same problem is the v1.6 not able to download?
  7. siginden

    siginden New Member

    Do pandigital, koby,and other cheap tablets have access to the android market? Any tricks to access it? Please
    reply via e mail: siginden@msn.com. Thanks

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