K-9 Mail frequency ?

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  1. john510

    john510 Member

    I just installed K-9 mail client on my phone and I cannot get it to download the mail by itself. The only way it will work is if I tell it to get new messages..

    How can i set the frequency it checks the mail, by the way I'm having it get only my Gmail account....

    all so what is the polling for and what should those be set at?

  2. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    Open K-9: Long press on your account (GMail)>Account settings> You should now see a screen with all of the settings for fetching mail, etc. Poling is how often you want your phone/K-9 to check for mail.

    The stock GMail app really works quite well by itself. I use it for Gmail, and K-9 for my 2 Pop 3 email accounts.
  3. john510

    john510 Member

    every time it gets the mail I get them twice,, my gmail ap gets them all so.. how do I make only k-9 get them?

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