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  1. Alliharin

    Alliharin New Member

    I have a Motorola Droid.
    The default mail is *Edited**

    I read that k-9 is one of the better free mail apps.
    I downloaded it and love it, except that I don't have access to my contacts.
    I downloaded the app today. (3/30/10) It is the latest version.

    The default e-mail had a feature where as you typed the address, it auto filled options for you to select. I don't have that with the K-9 app and there's no address book I can find to access.

    I do not know all my contact's e-mail addresses to type out without help.

    Anyone have any ideas? Is there a way to correct this?
    I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling. That didn't work.

    Like I said I like this one a lot better than the stock one, but I need a contact access.

    Help Please??

  2. jwmacdon1231

    jwmacdon1231 Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem. I sent an email to the dev, but never got a response.

    If you do email the dev and get a response, please let me know what they have to say. I would love to know.
  3. Alliharin

    Alliharin New Member

    I e-mailed the Dev earlier this evening. I was hoping someone already had gotten an answer
  4. jwmacdon1231

    jwmacdon1231 Well-Known Member

    Well if they email you back please let me know.
  5. Alliharin

    Alliharin New Member

    Anyone else having this issue?
    Is there a way to correct it?
    Maybe another free app that does everything k-9 does, but let's you access your contacts?
  6. jwmacdon1231

    jwmacdon1231 Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen any other email app as good as K-9.
  7. brykins

    brykins Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what the problem is here. I am running K-9 Mail and when I select to create a new email, there is a "To" box. If I start to type someones name, then I get a whole list of suggested email addresses from my contacts.
  8. jwmacdon1231

    jwmacdon1231 Well-Known Member

    That's crazy.

    When I was running K-9 it wouldn't bring up any of my contacts.

    I just gave up.

    Maybe I'll try again.
  9. jeremy1216

    jeremy1216 Member

    I have no problem at all with the K-9 mail. Email addresses were pulled from the contacts once I start typing on the To: field.
  10. Maureend

    Maureend Member

    I am also curious about several things with K9 but can't seem to find a general help file.

    I do get the contacts list when I begin to enter an email address, but I find that whenever I send mail from my phone, the sent mail shows the message was sent 3 or more times... or it looks like a separate message for every sentence I write!

    Also, can anyone tell me what the significance is of the messages with the dark gray background?
  11. harpsden

    harpsden New Member

    Autofill of contacts does not seem to be supported on the latest version on Android Market (2403). I had the same problem but it is resolved in the latest version 2590.

    Here's howto install:

    Download the apk file
    Copy to memory card
    Download and install Apps Installer (free) from the Android Market
    Run Apps Installer which will show all apk files on your memory card
    Click on K-9 to install
    That's it!
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  12. SdP

    SdP New Member

    I'm just about to download K9 because I need two Microsoft Exchange accounts on my phone but I also need a contacts file and a diary, just as I would get in Outlook. What else should I install to make that happen?
  13. jimdroid

    jimdroid Well-Known Member

    I believe that the dark gray background indicates that the message has not been fully downloaded. You can choose to download the whole message. You can also change the default for how much is downloaded per message.
  14. Buckeye Boy

    Buckeye Boy Well-Known Member

    there is an option box for spam but its greyed out and does not allow me to click it for spam mail? how does this work?:confused:

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