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  1. Forts

    Forts Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the Android world after ditching my iPhone 3G, on which I had been using MobileMe. Before making the switch I did a couple quick searches and saw that people seemed to be using MobileMe on Android devices with relative success (usually using K-9). So I'm now on an HTC Magic with Android 2.1, using the latest build of K-9 from the marketplace. After a bit of a struggle I got K-9 to play nice with MobileMe so I could at least send and receive, but Push doesn't seem to be working.... or very inconsistent at best and I'm wondering if I have something setup wrong. Does anyone have MobileMe w/Push working as snappy as it should? I even went as far as telling K-9 to poll the inbox every minute and messages still don't appear on time. It worked great on the iPhone (as it should) but I'm quite disappointed so far with it on Android. Push for GMail doesn't seem much better, with messages arriving many many minutes after they are sent.

    Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated!

    Edit: Forgot to mention, I often get 'Push error for INBOX' messages that show IMAP errors of some sort, which makes me think I do indeed have something configured wrong.

    Edit 2: My bad on the 1 Minute folder polling.... I checked the setting and it was still set to 'Never', so that's fixed. I'm sure 1 minute polling won't be very battery healthy though. Frustrating when it's supposed to be a Push account.

  2. Forts

    Forts Well-Known Member

    Friendly bump....

    No other MobileMe users hanging around out here?

  3. roadcycler

    roadcycler New Member

    I use My Accounts to add MobileMe and it works great.

    Click on My Accounts and add new account, choose manual setup and imap

    Incoming Server
    Port 994
    username: your email
    Check Use secure connection

    Outgoing server
    port 25
    dont check use secure connection

    Hope this helps
  4. wiltdogg

    wiltdogg New Member

    From santoshsingh.net/

    1. Go to the native email client application and go to new account setup.

    2. Fill your email address

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