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K-Touch W655 Root and Drivers + help me backup recovery.img

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  1. manocao

    manocao New Member

    hi, i replaced recovery partition with wrong cwm recovery.img file and now i can't get into recovery mode, i didn't do previous backup because i did't know how to do it, but now i know...

    could some W655 owner perform these steps to backup the recovery partition? (it will not take you more than 5 minutes)

    (phone must be rooted with superuser rights, sdcard inserted)

    -connect phone to pc (check usb debug is enabled in phone notifications)

    -install w655 windows drivers (attached file, it includes ALL drivers needed for w655: in windows, in recovery mode and in bootloader fastboot mode)

    -extract w655.rar (attached file) to c:\

    -open console (go start > run > type cmd and hit Enter) and then type (hit Enter at the end of every line):

    cd w655
    adb shell
    cat proc/mtd

    -then it will show something like this:

    dev: size erasesize name
    mtd0: 000a0000 00020000 "misc"
    mtd1: 00480000 00020000 "recovery"
    mtd2: 00300000 00020000 "boot"
    mtd3: 0fa00000 00020000 "system"
    mtd4: 02800000 00020000 "cache"
    mtd5: 093a0000 00020000 "userdata"

    -see what mtd number is "recovery" partition, then type (hit Enter at the end of the line):

    dd if=/dev/mtd/mtd$ of=/sdcard/recovery.img bs=4096

    (replace $ by the number of "recovery" partition, in the example above you should type: dd if=/dev/mtd/mtd1 of=/sdcard/recovery.img bs=4096)

    -then recovery.img will be saved into sdcard (you can now close the black window)

    please upload and send me link for recovery.img or attach it in this thread

    thanks 4 all

    edit: then i'll try to build CWM recovery.img for our W655 with ClockworkMod Recovery Builder


    in the w655 extracted folder you also got fastboot, with which you can perform many actions (phone must be root):

    get into bootloader mode with anreboot app from phone or switch on the phone pressing VOLUME DOWN and ON/OFF keys at the same time until you see "fastboot....." on screen

    after drivers installed (included in this thread) run cmd and type (command info between brackets, don't type the brackets and what is inside):

    cd w655
    fastboot devices (shows phone hardware info)
    fastboot boot recovery.img (loads an image and boots into it, not permanent)
    fastboot erase recovery (erase recovery partition)
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img (flash new recovery partition)
    fastboot oem unlock (unlock bootloader to run root commands)
    fastboot oem lock (relock bootloader as factory to not admit changes)
    fastboot help (show help with all commands)
    fastboot reboot (reboot phone)
    fastboot reboot-bootloader (reboot phone in bootloader mode)
    fastboot update superuser.zip (install app to root phone)
    fastboot -w (erase userdata and cache, is this reset to factory?)

    or install new rom with:

    fastboot flash bootloader bootloader.img
    fastboot reboot-bootloader (wait phone to reboot before continue next command)
    fastboot flash radio radio.img
    fastboot reboot-bootloader (wait phone to reboot before continue next command)
    fastboot -w update rom.zip


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  2. manocao

    manocao New Member

    and here is a present

    you wanna root your w655?, this program Eroot-1-3-3 support it! just in 1 minute! (drivers must be installed in windows, you have them in 1st post, in phone usb debug and unknown sources must be enabled )

    download and run program b i t . l y / 1 6 B P G y 6 (delete spaces between characters, web shows 1.2 but it is really 1.3.3 which is the only version which support w655), now plug phone to pc, the program will detect K-touch W655, just click Root, four steps are made and now your phone is root.

    if button shows -Root, phone is not rooted yet, click button to root

    if button shows Root, phone is already rooted, click button to unroot

    there is no risk to brick the phone

    there are videos on youtube, search eroot

    now that you have your w655 rooted, please follow steps in 1st post to backup recovery partition and post it in this thread!!

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  3. manocao

    manocao New Member

    anyone? no help?
  4. hibrium

    hibrium New Member

    I'd like to know if this steps apply too?

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