k9 email shows messages as read

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  1. kamaleon

    kamaleon Member

    I have just installed k9 email and when I receive messages, they show up as read. How can I fix that? I have setup the account as imap and it is the only place when my emails get downloaded.

    Any clues?

    I also have the problem that some messages in my inbox appear with a different color than others...

  2. JasonWorthing

    JasonWorthing New Member

    I am having this same trouble, and I've looked at my account and all the k-9 settings and can't figure it out. I have three email accounts, and the two Gmail accounts work fine, but the third is privately hosted and that's the one that always show up as "read".
  3. jrkeyboard

    jrkeyboard New Member

    I know this is an old thread... but I'm having the same problem. I have some POP3 accounts, which work fine... but my IMAP account, the email comes in marked as read, so I never receive any notifications for it. Anybody have any ideas for this yet?
  4. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    Odd, I have K9 and they only show up as read if I had opened them on my PC. My Gmail, my work mail, and my Yahoo mail all seem to show up normally. All are POP3, no IMAP.
  5. Metrodork

    Metrodork New Member

    I am having same issue. New Gmail messages show up prpoerly as unread. But my work email server (POP) now shows all incoming emails as read. I have also scoured the K9 settings but can't figure this one out.
  6. Darkseas

    Darkseas Well-Known Member

    The obvious answer is that you've already read the messages somewhere else before you check on your work system -- so you'd expect them to be read.

    If you haven't read them, is K-9 set to download all the messages periodically? If so, stop it from doing so, send that account a test message, and see if it shows up read at work. If not, suspect K-9. If so, suspect the mail server at work is the cause.

    If it's K-9, let us know and someone will scour the K-9 settings to see what we can find.
  7. scottddaniels

    scottddaniels New Member

    I am having same problem. It seems to be a K9 issue. Just started over past week or so. Three accounts; two POP, one imap. imap account is problem account. Work system is fine. All messages showing up as unread on work computer in Outlook.

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