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K9 Mail Commands... Help!

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  1. JosDroid

    JosDroid New Member


    I just started using the app K9 mail. After adding a few Yahoo accounts, I noticed some mail was missing in the app inbox when I compared it to my inbox on the yahoo website. So I went to the list of folders in one of my email accounts, and noticed something strange that I definitely did not do. The Inbox, Bulk, and Trash folders all have an added line: COMMAND: *SENSITIVE;* RESPO. This happened once before when my girlfriend had my phone for a few days. I got it back and didn't notice for some time she had entered commands which enabled her to receive copies of all my emails, history, bookmarks, etc. So you can understand why now I'm paranoid about everything. Anyway, can anybody help me and tell me what these particular commands mean, and how I can get rid of them? Also, did somebody have to intentionally add these, or it it possible they somehow just added themselves?



  2. moggyman11

    moggyman11 New Member

    Hi Johanna, did you get to the bottom of this problem? I got the same!
  3. moggyman11

    moggyman11 New Member

    i seemed to have solved this. I had changed my email password but had not changed it on k9. now thay i have updated k9 with the latest password, the COMMAND *sensitive* ... has disappeared.


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