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K9 mail issue?

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  1. queueman

    queueman Member

    I ran into a problem in sending pictures using K9 on my Moto Droid. I composed the e-mail, then went to "attach" from the gallery. I got a message that I had nothing in gallery.
    OK, so I went to gallery directly and my pictures were there. I could choose "share" and send ONE picture from the gallery with K9.
    I then tried the stock e-mail application and did the "attach". I was able to send using that.
    I like K9 because I can do a batch delete from trash, but this seems like a major drawback. Has anyone else encountered this? If so, were you able to resolve it, and how?
    I'd appreciate some help, otherwise I think I'll go back to the stock e-mail, even with its limitations. Oh, I use Yahoo (prodigy) e-mail, but that should not make any difference.

  2. jimdroid

    jimdroid Well-Known Member

    Try installing OI File Manager (you should find it easily in the Market, sorry, androlibs site is down or I'd post a link). It will let you attach any file.

    I don't remember a problem attaching pictures to K9 emails, so something else could be wrong. In any case, OI File Manager should fix it for you.
  3. queueman

    queueman Member

    Jimdroid, There are a lot of file managers in the market, but when I search for IO file, all I get is ClingExplorer. Is that the one I should install?:confused:
  4. jimdroid

    jimdroid Well-Known Member

  5. queueman

    queueman Member

  6. jimdroid

    jimdroid Well-Known Member

    You can also try sending from Astro.

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