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KaosFroyo v39

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  1. jigsyred

    jigsyred New Member

    So I keep looking for a place to download this ROM from but every site takes me to MultiUpload which doesn't seem to be up anymore. Does anyone know another site I can download this ROM from?

  2. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!! Moderator

    Welcome to Android Forums jigsyred! Perhaps you didn't read the sticky's at the top of this forum. You are wanting to download a rom that is going to have you looking for more help. Read this sticky http://androidforums.com/eris-all-things-root/422329-new-rooting-eris-do-not-install-kaosfroyo.html. We are always here to help but save yourself from having a headache. There are plent of other ones.;)

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