Karbonn A5, Android 2.3.6, adreno 200, arm v7 chipset, 800 mhz...help me :(

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  1. deadlyindian

    deadlyindian New Member

    :) i cannot find any custom roms for my device as there is no much of developement support!! :(

    the device is Karbonn A5 with android 2.3.6
    arm v 7 800 mhz processor
    512 mb ram
    internal storage of something 200
    adreno gpu
    res is 320x480
    3.5 inch screen!!

    thats all!!

    can you please help me out? o_O?
    there are roms but in chinese language, changed to english but those roms heat up my batery everytime i play a game, this never happnd in my stock rom!!

    i have a backup of my stock rom!! this device is capable of running ics!! :(

  2. PsyMega

    PsyMega Well-Known Member Developer

    Install a chinese rom and goto settings and then go language and keyboard settings scroll up or down until you find english and select it now everything is in english on the rom, If its in chinese by default use google translate to translate it to english
  3. deadlyindian

    deadlyindian New Member

    dude those chinese roms drain my battery!!

    the battery heats up whenever i play games like asphalt 7 , agent dash, subway surfers, i.e every game!!!
  4. sharukh275

    sharukh275 New Member

    Hi, deadly indian

    I need back of karbonn a5 please please please upload it.

    Email: sharukh275@gmail.com

    And i advice you ...dont use any costom rom all of them rom is suck and chines..
    All rom is themed... Stock rom is best....


    Please please upload backup rom.

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