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    Hi, I am using an HTC Desire Z and wanted to sync this phone with my Win7 desktop and found that HTC Sync ve 3.2.10 does not work..pc reflects 'no device connected'.HTC stated that I should use v 3.0.5481 which is somewhat older. This after installing on my pc worked twice and not any more..back to 'no device connecterd'.........thereafter uninstalled the HtC Sync programs and installed "My Phone Explorer v 1.8.2 " ..this works but I`m not happy with it........uninstalled from pc. I found that MPE is now reflected as an 'app' on my phone. How do I get rid of this from the phone without rooting ? Has this app now installed itself on the micro sd card.......if so then I can take this card out of the phone and access its contents via card reader on my pc..........HELP PLEASE.

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