Kaser 8GB Net's Go 7" Android Tablet

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  1. Dvalin21

    Dvalin21 Well-Known Member

    Kaser 8GB Net's Go 7" Android Tablet - YOFUN722A-8G Features
    • Android OS
    • Multi-language keyboard input support
    • Self configuration user interface
    • Information on demand subscription, play in off line
    • Office: compatible with MS Office ,read /write
    • Communication: Frings/Nimbuzz for Skype, MSN, ..etc
    • Network access:FTP,neightborhood, explorer
    • Media player : Video ,Music, Photo, Youtube, Pandora online streaming
    • Ebook/magazine, Kindle Supported , HTML, PDF

  2. paperflwers

    paperflwers Member

    Hi Dvalin21,
    Do you own this tablet? I purchased for my daughter then found out much to my dismay the android os was 1.6 not even 2.1.. ugh.. however I wasn't looking for a high end device as it is for my daughter that really doesnt need high end anything yet.

    After playing around a bit it is much better than I first imagined. I have installed slideme market on to it as the google app market does not work on this device. Some apps do cross over. I have replaced the net go home and it works more like my android phone now where I am able to move and place apps and widgets to home pages. Has wifi, radio, pandora, youtube and other fun apps for her, as well as a reader or two installed. This device does not have a camera so I am having a bit of difficulty trying to get the photos place to work to save and create new wallpaper. Although it has google maps, navigation does not work because it like other tablets does not have a gps. I have spoken to Net's go support and they have been surprizingly helpful. Seems like an upgrade to 2.2 is coming soon, they claim March but have given me the disclaimer that they don't want to have lots of issues when the release so are making sure that it is going to work right.

    All and all for the small price of under $150 (walmart.com) I think this device is going to be a litle gem in short order. I have installed a few games and clock/weather widget which work nicely, so far so good. Any thoughts?
  3. Dvalin21

    Dvalin21 Well-Known Member

    I'm glad everything worked out, but I don't have one. But I may get one for my wife and son, I myself have the Zenithink. It will be awesome once u get 2.2, u should be able to use full flash.
  4. aralsi

    aralsi New Member

    Hi, I got this same tablet as a present.. but I havent been able to updated the Android system or any APP .. because the ones that got are not working.. Do you know how to update the system or applications??

    Thanks in advance:)

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